Pelatihan Kepemudaan Tentang Lingkungan di India

DEADLINE : 15 MEI 2020
Applications are now open for the Anant Fellowship for the Built Environment 2020-21 in India. This is the flagship programme of Anant National University, India’s first Design University which is a one-year multidisciplinary Fellowship for the Built Environment. It prepares and empowers Solutionaries who have the passion and commitment to persevere and bring a humanistic approach to how our buildings, neighbourhoods, cities, culture, and environment are designed and built. The ability to drive systemic change requires technical knowledge and expertise, in addition to the skills of empathy, collaboration, problem-solving and leadership.
Anant National University was established as a private university in 2016 in an expansive, lush green campus in Ahmedabad with an aim to nurture Solutionaries, leaders who are revolutionary in their thinking, but solution oriented in their approach. AnantU expects its students to bridge the gap between contemporary socio economic challenges and sustainable solutions through design thinking. It is established as the first Design University in India, and offers full-time programmes at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels in Design Architecture and Built Environment.
Experience at Anant Fellowship
Anant Fellowship has been carefully curated and structured to prepare you to make exponential change – within yourself, to the country, and to the world. Academic rigour and intensity have been combined with first-hand, experiential discovery to create an equitable balance between theory and practice.
Academic Instruction: The first component of Anant Fellowship is designed to broaden your perspective and aid empathetic solutions by learning from pioneering ideas, thoughts in two thematic clusters: Domain and Technical and Societal and Cultural.
Experiential Discovery: In the second component of Anant Fellowship, you will learn from your own, your peers’ first-hand experiences, and from your own values, beliefs, mindsets, and constructs.
Live-Action Project: The third component of the Fellowship is the Live Action Project where you work in teams through the duration of one year to solve a real-life challenge in close association with local administrative bodies and community stakeholders.