Young Innovative Digital Leader Training 2020

The development of globalization has a significant impact on changes in various aspects of Indonesian people’s lives. Along with the peak of the current globalization is also followed by rapid developments in technology such as the presence of the current industrial revolution 4.0. This makes it easier for Indonesian people to obtain various kinds of information that can have both positive and negative impacts.
The younger generation, as the most affected generation, needs to fortify themselves by increasing the capabilities of today’s renewable century or known as 21st-century skills. Phenomena that occur today among the younger generation of Indonesian people, such as innovation in-competencies (inability to innovate), in-secure (feeling uncomfortable), and irrelevant behaviors (irrelevant characters) in facing the challenges of digital society require special attention and approaches that are more flexible and innovative.
Digital-based leadership is an important issue in improving the competence of young people. This requires the younger generation to become educated generation in technology that has the ability of leadership and good cooperation (great leadership and teamwork), the ability to innovate and offer innovation to the community (entrepreneurial thinking), volunteering and high social sensitivity (volunteering). In addition, the younger generation is also faced with the challenge of continuing to learn and not eroded by the progress of time so that increasing science as high as possible (education) is one of the important elements in digital-based leadership. These four fields are very vital as an effort to develop themselves for the young generation of Indonesia, which is generally dominated by students.
This cannot be learned only in the academic environment at the elementary, secondary, and tertiary levels. Non-academic environment through various extracurricular activities and involvement in community activities are able to hone the ability of the younger generation better so that they have a high sensitivity to actively contribute. In addition, the younger generation needs appropriate mentors from both senior and peer groups and people who have been successful and inspiring have a very large role to motivate the younger generation to continue to contribute actively through the breakthrough of innovative leadership and broad impact.




  • Valuable digital leadership skills knowledge
  • Certificate
  • The profile/project of best 9 participants will be posted on Instagram official accounts of the organizer
  • The best participant will also recognize as a Meetscholar Fellow and get access to mentorship with Meetscholar’s mentor
  • The profile/project of the main best participants will be published on Meetscholar’s website
  • Opportunity to participate in writing “young leader anthology” with KOMA x Meetscholar entitled “Narasi Calon Pemimpin Muda”


  • Indonesian young generation aged 15 – 35 years
  • Commit to the following series of INLEAD2020 activities from beginning to end
  • Voluntary donation for COVID-19 outbreak in Indonesia by Bank of Mandiri Syariah accounts (bank code: 451) with Bank Account No. 7134065006 a/n Utari Akhir Gusti. Please confirm the transfer of donations to + +62823-8735-6996 (Utari Akhir Gusti) by Whatsapp.
  • Non-Indonesian who interested to donate can also send the donation by PayPal:
Eligible Regions: Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam