The UDE-Stipendium or UDE-scholarship

What is the UDE-scholarship?

The UDE-Stipendium or UDE-scholarship is part of the Deutschlandstipendium and awards excellent students who are studying at the University of Duisburg-Essen with 300 € per month for an entire academic year. Funding always starts in October and lasts until September.
Private donors and regional companies honour the scholarship holders together with the German federal government. Apart from the merit-based funding, scholarship holders have the chance to get into contact with donors, company representatives, and other scholarship holders. From time to time, we also offer special extracurricular meetings and excursions you can only join being a part of our scholarship program at UDE.
See the current status of our annual cycle below to find out where we are at the moment.
In case of interest in the UDE-scholarship, feel free to take a look at our FAQs or email us to We will try to get back to you as soon as possible during our office hours.

Applying for the UDE-scholarship

Requirements / Who can apply?

  • Everyone who has excellent grades at school and/or university
  • All students who are properly enrolled at the University of Duisburg-Essen and are within their regular course duration
  • Everyone who has fixed plans to study at the University of Duisburg-Essen in the winter semester 2020/21 beginning in October (immatriculation status will be checked at the beginning of the semester – immatriculation at the time of application is not necessary)
  • Unfortunately, PhD students or students of degree courses liable to fees (e.g. Educational Media) cannot apply for an UDE-scholarship in general
  • If you are not enrolled at UDE you cannot be awarded with a scholarship
  • Providing false information will disqualify you from the awarding process

Which data is required for the application form?

  • Personal data (name, address etc.)
  • Information regarding your (planned) course of studies at UDE and average grades, ECTS-points, and grade of graduation e.g. Abitur (please provide grades compatible with the German grading system)
  • Curriculum vitae on your educational development (internships etc.) and, if applicable, on possible volunteer work (please note that you might have to enter contact information for a verification of your entries)
  • Information regarding other scholarships and BAföG
  • Letter of motivation (2.000 characters maximum)
  • Optional information on your personal background (can be to your advantage in the selection process)
  • Handing in any documents in paper form or via e-mail is not necessary unless we will ask you to provide documents later on during the awarding process