Gojek Internship Program

Time does fly at Gojek. Here, 3 months feels like 1 year. Everything moves so fast and without you even realizing it, at the end of your program, you’ve fully conducted at least 1 real project that you can see the impact directly! At Gojek, we might not closely guide you to do a task because we’re going to treat you just like any other experienced employees. It might seem scary, but we promise you, this is going to be your first real-world adventure outside the university where you can discover challenging problems. Nothing is constant here. Everything progresses at full speed. Your adventure in Gojek will take your college experience into a whole new different level!

If an internship is not something that you are looking for, fret not because wherever you are in your journey, we have a program that can kickstart your adventure. Student? Fresh grad? Engineer? Data scientist? We have a spot for you here!

Job Description

  • Take ownership of prioritized campaigns that lead to revenue and profitability of one of Gojek Product’ business
  • Operate single or combination of multiple growth levers (e.g., content/copy, banners/visuals, incentives, or product changes)
  • Discover growth opportunities in the business metrics and customer metrics by exploring business data, transaction data, customer activity within apps and actual customer insights
  • Identify the right customer cohorts/segments using customer demographic, behavioural data and past campaign performance data
  • Target the users with the right copy & visuals at the most appropriate time using growth levers
  • Validate solutions and other related hypotheses through robust experimentation and statistical approach
  • Execute campaigns using internal & external campaign management tools and embed customer analytics insight as a rationale for all solutions
  • Present experiment and campaign insight to senior management to drive business and strategic decision-making on feature prioritization and impact analysis

Minimum Qualifications

  • BS/MS in Business, Engineering, Computer Science, Math, Economics, Statistics, or equivalent experience
  • Minimum 1 year of working experience in related industries
  • Strong business acumen and have an end to end the problem-solving mindset that can work in increments
  • Basic understanding of SQL and ability to learn advanced SQL
  • Proficiency in multiple analytic and database tools common within a marketing organization (e.g., Clevertap, Tableau, etc.) with good knowledge of SQL and experimentation process
  • Possessing team synergy skills with a high level of enthusiasm in collaborating in a cross-functional team and can also balance attention to detail with swift execution
  • Strong project management skills to manage complex projects, also can manage and prioritize multiple internal and external stakeholders
  • Hustle is essential, moving quickly and executing to allow for continual iteration is a core competency of our team
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