KPOP Song Competition 2020

Welcome to Kpop College Singing Competition. 

Are you wanting to know how good you're at singing Kpop songs?

Well, look no further, we are excited to announce a new way to analyze your singing voice using state of the art voice analysis algorithms. This new online software produced by BMAT (Barcelona Music & Audio Technologies) will analyze your signing voice and facial expressions. It will automatically provide you 3 scores (Expression, Pitch and Global) score from 1 to 10. The scores are generated by a computer, so it provides an impartial judgement no matter who you are. This is a great way to scientifically improve your Kpop singing skills and promote yourself.

This is how it works:

1. Choose any Kpop cover song you want to sing in A Capella (no background music).

2. Learn to sing at least 30 seconds of the song's lyrics with good facial expressions. 

    a. Learn how to sing a full range of Pitches and Octaves to maximize your singing score. Read more about this

3. Visit: BMAT online singing voice analyzer. Copyright (c) 2005 - 2010 Barcelona Music & Audio Technology.

    a. Click Skip Video button.

    b. Click Allow Adobe Flash Player Settings (This will turn on your camera, microphone).

    c. Click Start button then sing for 30 seconds. Wait 1 minute or so for it to process your 3 scores.

4. Record your 3 scores on a paper for (Expression, Pitch and Global) scores.

    a. In the competition below, tell us your 3 scores.

5. We will post the Global scores from Highest to Lowest with a link to your Kpop College profile page.      

    a. To receive a "Certified" Score denoted as a (*) take a picture of your score and upload it to our photos.

    b. Note: step 5a is not required, but if you like to show evidence of your score this is a great way to confirm it.

    c. To be fair to everyone, we are relying on students to report accurate and truthful results. 

Improving your singing abilities

When practicing your singing, try singing a full range of Pitches and Octaves to maximize your singing score. Below is a chart that shows you the singing Pitches and Octaves and Frequency (Hz) for each vocal range.

To locate your "Natural Singing Voice Pitch", check out the: Pitch Analyzer

Copyright (c) 2010 - Gerald T. Beauregard 

   1. Click Yes to allow your microphone to start recording your voice.

   2. Try singing the letter "U" and hold it there.

   3. Locate the Highest Peak on the chart to determine the (Hz) you generated. 

   4. This is your natural singing voice level that most of your songs should be set to.