Lahti Poster Competition Finland

The Lahti Poster Triennial is organized by Lahti Poster Museum, Grafia – Association of Visual Communication Designers in Finland, Poster Friends’ Guild.

The precise dates for the exhibition will be given at the latest in the spring of 2021 when the schedule for the completion of the new museum will be confirmed. The posters for the exhibition will be selected by the Competition Committee. The prize-winning posters will be selected by the International Jury. Prizes will be awarded to posters meeting high requirements with regard to creativity, originality, aesthetic quality, and communicative function.


  1. Environmental posters (The Lauri Tarasti Prize)
  2.  Homes and Habitation – Wood in Homes for Sustainable Development (The Special Prize of the Asko Foundation)
  3. Ideological, social and cultural posters


  • Grand Prix € 5,000
  • The Grafia Tapani Aartomaa Prize € 4,000
  • The Lauri Tarasti Prize for Environmental Posters € 4,000
  • The Lahti Prize € 3,000
  • The Special Prize of the Asko Foundation € 3,000
  • Certificates of honour
  • The jury may also award other prizes.



  • All the posters need to have been published after 1 January 2018.
  • Educational institutions are requested to contact
  • The exhibition catalogue will cost €50 when ordered in advance. The price includes postage to all countries.
  • The Competition Committee will select the posters for the exhibition from the submitted image files.
  • The paper versions of posters accepted for the exhibition in all the series (A, B and C) are to be sent no later than 28 February 2012 to the Lahti Poster Museum, P. O. Box 113, 15111 Lahti.
  • Posters accepted for category C are required to be previously published.
  • The print technique of the posters accepted for the exhibition can be freely selected in all the categories.
  • The registration information shall be filled in carefully. The submitted information will be used in the catalogue of the Lahti Poster Triennial. The organizers of the competition will not be responsible for information given in the entry form.
  • The posters accepted for the exhibition must not be framed or mounted.
  • The accepted posters must be packaged carefully. The organizers are not responsible for damage during transport.
  •  The accepted participant pays all shipping and insurance costs to the destination, Collections Centre of the Lahti City Museum.
Eligible Regions: Open for All