Summer School Program at Mahidol University Thailand

The MUIC Short-Term Program provides flexible tailor-made courses according to requirements of each specific group in terms of academic areas, program durations, field trips, credit hours, and budget to meet your needs and expectations.

Through the year, several programs of one- to four weeks’ duration are running and cover various fields of study such as Language and Culture, Sustainable Tourism, MBA, Business Administration, Management, Medical Science, Social Science, Academic Study Trip and other disciplines, and we receive several groups of students and participants from our partners, non-partners, and educational institutions. With effective coordinators and support staff, we are able to offer you one- to four weeks’ unforgettable and productive learning experience at MUIC.

Besides the required classes provided in the program, students and participants will also participate in various activities including field trips, company visits, and cultural classes. These well-rounded experience will prepare participants to be a global citizens and to be adaptable in a dynamic world. This short-term study program is guaranteed to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the participants.

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