Volunteering Program in Timor Leste 2021


Spread your wings and have fun living, loving and learning together.

We are looking for dedicated individuals who are motivated to help us make a change for the better. Spend your days teaching, cooking and singing together. Through love and understanding here at SOLS you yourself can really live in harmony with the wonderful locals. We may look different, speak different languages and even eat different foods but fundamentally we are all ‘One’. Volunteers will be sent to one of the district centers and will really be able to immerse themselves in the one of the most joyous and hospitable cultures there are.

We require Volunteers from all over the world to experience the fulfilling work of social service and help make an impact in the beautiful land of East Timor.

“Be One!!” is a chance for you to take part in a once in a lifetime experience.

A variety of exciting opportunities are available for volunteers such as:
- Go for exciting trips and tours
- Other community service activities
- Establish good relationships with the local community
- Running of projects
- Assisting in managing the different department in the centers
- Training students in leadership and character skills
- Teaching English

Volunteer Training
Training will be provided and after the training period, volunteers will be sent to one of the centers, where they will work with the manager in-charge to teach and help run the centers.


We are also looking for Portuguese speaking people who would like to educate students in Portuguese!


- High skills in spoken and written English as well as English comprehension
- Interested in teaching the Science Of Language English System