Bank BCA Internship Program 2021

Since 2002, BCA has run an internship program covering everyone from high school students to bachelor's degree graduates who go through a rigorous selection process. This program's aim is to improve the quality of our human resources, especially among Indonesia's younger generation.

Participants enroll for training and a one year internship with no obligation to join the Bank. Participants gain skill in banking operations, personal health, and other areas.

The Bakti BCA Internship Program gives participants the opportunity to gain experience as a Customer Service Officer (CSO) or a Bank teller.

Participants enroll in a number of training programs, such as money counting and sorting, identify the authenticity of currency and various other skills required to support their work functions. In addition, participants are equipped with soft skill training, including motivation and grooming.

In 2019, there were 4,602 participants in the program, an increase of 9.8% compared to that of the previous year.