Institute Technology Singapore Scholarship 2021


SIT is pleased to offer a range of scholarships that will equip its SITizens with the necessary resources and opportunities to fulfil their potential.

These scholarships are generally awarded based on merit and duration ranges from one academic year to the full duration of the degree programme.

SIT Scholarship

A significant amount of resource is invested in our flagship scholarship to nurture a group of future leaders.


Bond-Free Scholarships

A range of scholarships from private donors who wish to encourage our students to achieve the highest academic excellence.


External Scholarships

Bonded scholarships offered by our industry partners, government agencies and organisations to bring opportunities to deserving students.


MOE Administered Scholarships

Scholarships and awards funded by the Ministry of Education Singapore.

EnGro Scholarship

The Scholarship has been made possible with a gift from EnGro Corporation Limited, a leading slag-cement producer in Singapore.