Hokkaido University Japanese Language and Culture Studies Program Scholarship 2021

The objectives of this program are:
  • to improve students’ Japanese language proficiency in order to enable them to interact with Japanese speakers and to conduct research in Japanese;
  • to acquire basic knowledge and methodology for Japanese studies – especially relating to Japanese general and applied linguistics;
  • to gain a deeper understanding of Japanese language and culture through various courses.

Qualification of applicants

  • Those who major in Japanese language or culture in the undergraduate courses of university – wide agreement partners of Hokkaido University. (department – wide agreement partners not eligible). First-year students are not eligible to apply.
  • Applicants should have N3 (or higher) on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test or the equivalent or higher proficiency in Japanese at the time of application. In particular, applicants should know 500 or more kanji and have the skill to understand conversation spoken at natural speed and read/write simple sentences.
  • *Applications from students whose proficiency in Japanese does not meet the requirements will not be accepted. Any students who are found to be at the introductory level by the placement test which is conducted by Hokkaido University after arrival will not be able to complete the program.
  • Applicants must possess a good academic record at university level.

Number of students expected to enroll: 40 for One Year course and 20 for Fall and Spring semester courses
(In principle, only one student is supposed to be accepted from each institution, however, in case the
number of applicants is lower than the numbers shown above, 2 or more students could be accepted
from the same institution.)

  1. Documents to be submitted (These documents must be written in either Japanese or English)
    (1) Application form for Japanese Language and Culture Studies Program students
    (2) Certificate of Enrollment filled out by the home university
    (3) Letter of recommendation from the president / dean / division head from the home university to
    the president of Hokkaido University
    (4) Transcript from the home university *The transcript is used for enrollment selection.
    (5) Certificate of passing at least N3 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (A letter to show
    their Japanese language ability could be substituted. The letter has to include 1) the number of
    total hours for Japanese language classes, 2) the name of the textbooks for the classes, 3)
    description of the student’s achievement.)
    (6) Photocopy of the passport
    (7) Two copies of photo (4.5cm×3.5cm, the applicants name should be on their back.)
    *The photos will be used for the application for the certificate of eligibility for their student visa.
    (8) MEXT scholarship application (only for One year course applicants, doubled-sided printing,
    only for those who hope to apply for the scholarship)
  1. MEXT scholarship
    The MEXT scholarship is available only for the One-Year course applicants who will be 18 years
    old to 29 years old on April 1, 2020 and have the Certificate of passing N2 or above of Japanese
    Language Proficiency Test and equivalent. The application form and the guidelines will be available
    at the website in the end of January. Please read the guidelines carefully before the application. The
    application form shall be submitted in both side printing. Please note that the scholarship is highly
    competitive. The result would be announced in the middle of July.
    (1) Term of scholarship: from October 2020 to August 2021
    (2) Monthly stipend: ¥117,000 (expected amount)
  2. JASSO scholarship
    The JASSO scholarship is available only for the Half-Year course applicants who meet the JASSO
    requirements. If you hope to apply for the scholarship, please check the designated part of the
    checklist of application package. Please note that the scholarship is so competitive that you cannot
    always be chosen as a grantee of the scholarship.
    (1) Term of scholarship: from October 2020 to February 2021, April 2021 to August 2021
    (2) Monthly stipend: ¥80,000 (expected amount)
  1. How to submit
    Please submit the application form and any additional documents to the office responsible for
    student exchange at your university. Application documents must not be sent directly to Hokkaido
    University. The deadline of submission at Hokkaido University is as follows:
    One Year: February 14, 2020
    Half-Year (2020 Fall Semester): February 14, 2020
    Half-Year (2021 Spring Semester): October 30, 2020
    *Half-Year (2021 Spring Semester) applicants should submit their applications in October, not

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