Amazon Rainforest Volunteering Program 2021

Peru’s Amazon Rainforest – Volunteer to research and conserve endangered herpetofauna in the remote Las Piedras watershed:

ARCAmazon is looking for volunteers and interns to assist us with applied research of caiman and other herpetofauna. Our intensive Herpetofauna Conservation Research Program is based from the Las Piedras Amazon Center (LPAC) and focuses on population dynamics, behavioral observations and population status of almost 200 species. The caiman and herpetofauna teams survey streams, the river and palm swamps for the four species of caiman that reside in the Madre de Dios region. We are utilizing Passive Induced Transponder Tags (PIT-tags) for a comparative study of Smooth Fronted Caiman (Paleosuchus trigonatus) populations in disturbed and protected streams. The caiman team also surveys riverine ecosystems for “White” and “Spectacled Caiman” as a measure to assess predator and ecosystem health on the Las Piedras River. The Herpetofauna Research Program at ARCAmazon is aimed at recording the various species of reptile and amphibians present at the Las Piedras Amazon Center. We record the species composition of various habitats and combine it with spatial ecology in order to further analyze the data. These projects utilize common methods for neotropical herpetology research including pit-fall traps, transects and quadrats

Program Highlights:

  • Track, observe and record data on wild and endangered Neotropical reptiles and amphibians in their natural habitat
  • Trek through pristine lowland Amazon rainforest
  • Learn about herpetofauna, mammals, birds, insects and plants in the Amazon
  • Gain skills in field research techniques, species identification, pitfall trapping, herpetology transects, herpetology quadrats, how to use a dichotomous key, vocalizations of important species, GPS and off trail orientation, machete use, GIS basics and mapping, data entry and analysis, equipment maintenance, standardized and ethical methods of handling and studying wildlife, and frontier wilderness conservation
  • Meet like-minded people from all around the world
  • Help us protect Las Piedras, one of the last frontier wilderness areas on Earth, a Biodiversity Hotspot that is home to some of the last Uncontacted Tribes in existence!

Program Fees:

  • 1 Week – US$ 950
  • 2 Weeks – US$ 1,445
  • 3 Weeks – US$ 1,750
  • 1 Month – US$ 2,345
  • 2 Months – US$ 3,955
  • 3 Months – US$ 5,130
  • 4 Months – US$ 6,120
  • 5 Months – US$ 7,500
  • 6 Months – US$ 9,000
— Fees cover full board and lodging, training and supervision, daily wildlife research, plenty of fun adventures and relaxing in-between work, airport transfers and in-country support.
Remember, ARCAmazon is a non-profit so 100% of fees are used to cover the costs of research, conservation and sustainable development in the Las Piedras watershed.