International Student Conference Japan 2021


The International Student Conference, or ISC, is a student conference held annually in Japan among students from all around the world. Their mission is to do four things: discussion, action, resolution, and exchange. Firstly, for discussion, they gather to exchange our ideas about various global issues. This year, in ISC67, they have five table topics presented by five table chiefs, all related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Participants can choose one topic that they want to focus on, such as political activism, nuclear politics, and food security. Then, they will take those discussions into action by presenting the discussion outcome to the general public with the hope to contribute meaningfully to the world. By this, they also hope to resolve some of the world’s most difficult challenges while remaining original and in the process. Lastly, they also have an array of programs for their participants to exchange their cultures and share their experiences. Considering that they come from a diversity of backgrounds, there is so much that they can learn from each other.

This year’s theme is “New Normal: Unity without Boundaries”. Although the conference this year will be held online, they aspire to create a platform for discussion for youths worldwide, even during the hardest time.


  • Table 1 Political Activism and Participation: Why They Take Part in Politics
  • Table 2 Nuclear Politics: What We Can Do for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons
  • Table 3 Food Security: How the Global Government Should Sustainably Feed 8 Billion
  • Table 4 Rethinking Migrant Labor Rights in the age of the Pandemic
  • Table 5 Participatory Urban Planning: Developing Inclusivity & Accessibility in the Globalized Cities

International Student Conference is a summer program held in Japan, where students from all around the world gather to discuss and create solutions to global issues.




  • Research and discussions are the biggest features of the International Student Conference. During the advanced study sessions, participants are divided into 5 tables and all work together towards deepening their understanding of each of the assigned topics. Here, participants can deepen their understanding of the global issue that they are interested in.
  • At the main conference, participants come together to have discussions around the table topic of their selection. Each table consists of about 10 participants. All of the participants who gather at the conference have differing perspectives and backgrounds, so participants can be a part of deep and meaningful discussions.
  • At the Final Forum, students can present their discussion results to the public and submit the outcome in the form of proposals to the government or other organizations.


  • You must be dedicated to this conference, motivated, and responsible during all activities of the conference.
  • You must be enrolled in a college, university or graduate school outside of Japan, and be above 18 years old as of June 1, 2021.
  • You must have a proficient level of English to be able to join academic discussions in English.

Note: Since the conference will be held online, participants will need a stable internet connection. The application used for the video conference will be “Zoom”. Please download the application prior to the event.

Eligible Regions: Open for All