Bangkok University Undergraduate Scholarship for International Student 2021

Bangkok University has a policy to promote sports activities by awarding scholarships and welfares to students with athletic ability.  The objectives are as follows:

1. To promote students’ health and add value to their life;
2. To enhance harmony and relationship with others in society;
3. To achieve excellence, preparedness, and confidence;
4. To encourage sport spirit (professionally accepting the result, lose or win), moral and ethics
5. To provide students of outstanding athletic ability with a chance to study at the tertiary level of education.


1. Being a national team athlete or national team youth athlete
2. Being an athlete who has ever joined the Thailand National Games or Thailand National Youth Games
3. Being a Thai or ASEAN student athlete
4. Being an athlete who has ever joined a sports competition of any kind or class organized by the Sports Authority of Thailand
5. For a rugby football athlete, having received a blazer from one’s former school

Application Documents

In order for the university to have the most potential athletes and for the selection process to be fair, the university observes the following process.

  1. Application

Interested secondary and university students fill out an application form at the Sports and Student Activities Office of both campuses (for City Campus, contact an officer at Building 8 on the 8th floor, tel. 1572-1573 and for Rangsit Campus, contact an officer at Building A6 on the 1st floor, tel. 2572). Applicants must attach relevant documents, including certificates, letters of recommendation from any sports associations, etc.

  1. Athletic Ability Test

Every applicant has to pass an athletic ability test for each kind of sports. The University will have a committee to select the athlete.

  1. Written Examination

Every applicant has to sit for BU written examination, exactly the same as other regular students.

  1. Interview

Every applicant who has successfully passed BU written examination and athletic ability test is required to have an interview with the selection committee.

  1. Announcement and Self-report

After BU has announced the names of the successful candidates, all of them have to present themselves at the date and time specified.

  1. Scholarship Status and Registration

A successful candidate is required to sign a scholarship contract in order to gain a status of “BU athlete scholarship student.” Only after then can one register for classes, according to the terms and conditions set by BU.


  1. Academics

           1.1 In terms of registration and class attendance, all BU scholarship student athletes will:

               1.1.1 Gain a tuition fee waiver when retaking a failed subject;

               1.1.2 Receive advice from Student Counseling Office in deciding proper subjects upon registration;

               1.1.3 Gain permission to be absent from classes whenever they have to participate in  sports competitions within and outside the University. However, they have to submit to the instructor the Invitation Letter from the sports organizer and BU Request Form for Checking Class Hours.

           1.2 In terms of tutoring, all BU scholarship athlete students will:

               1.2.1 Get free preparatory classes before the semester starts;

               1.2.2 Get additional teaching (tutorial) before midterm and final examinations;

               1.2.3 Get supplementary teaching from BU Tutorial Program.

           1.3 In terms of examination:

All BU scholarship athlete students will have to take examinations as scheduled by the Academic Affairs Office. On condition that there is competition on the same day as an examination, they should do the following:

               1.3.1 Get the Request Form for Examination Postponement at the Records Office;

               1.3.2 Submit the Request Form for Exam Postponement to the Sports Department at the Sports and Student Activities Office. The University will issue a new examination schedule for them.

               1.3.3 In case that a national team athlete goes abroad for a competition during midterm examination period, he/she is required to submit the Request Form for Examination Postponement and Invitation Letter from the organizer to the Sports and Student Activities Office. The University will give a chance for the student scholarship athlete to take a 100% Examination.

          1.4 Study Duration

               Regular or special bachelor’s degree                       6-year scholarship

               Master’s degree                                                            3-year scholarship

  1. Activities and Sports

           All scholarship athlete students are required to attend all of the activities set by the University in each academic year. Failure to do so will affect the decision of giving the scholarship in the following year. Examples of required activities are as follows.

           Scholarship Athlete Students Orientation Ceremony (in cooperation with Loan and Scholarship Department)

           Scholarship Athlete Students Meeting with the Deans

           Scholarship Athlete Students Meeting with the University Executives

           Submission of a registration form and class schedules of all semesters to the Sports and Student Activities Office for records

           Other activities as assigned