First Generation Activist Global Forum 2021 by Women Ambassadors Forum


Are you an activist or looking to become one?  It only takes one snowball to trigger an avalanche.

Every person has the power to change the world, start a movement, or contribute to an existing movement even if they feel bogged down by life or don’t know where to start. Women Ambassadors Forum created a road map to becoming an activist, with the First Generation Activist forum. Join them on May 7th and 8th for an exclusive two-day forum + plus an additional six-week mastermind.

Their audience are people like you, who are committed to bringing positive change to the world – whether as a side passion or a career. This year’s forum will be the first of it’s kind to celebrate and unite activists virtually from across the globe. They want to hear from you, learn your story and the opportunity of a growing a community with women like you.





  • Access to an Exclusive Global Network
  • Private Access to a six-week Mastermind
  • Broadened your understanding of social issues, Growing a social enterprise, how to turn your network into your net worth, how to grow your activism,  personal and professional fulfilment workshops and connect with Women Leading Movements
  • Tools – Mentors and Resources to grow your work
  • Job Opportunities presented exclusively by sponsors


  • Openness to leaving your comfort zone
  • Ability to be vulnerable and share with others
  • Think Outside the Box
  • Eager to learn new Skills
  • Curious about Global Issues
  • Passionate about a cause
  • No age restriction!
Eligible Regions: Open for All