The 5th Global Youth Environmental Essay Competition 2021

The 5th Global Youth Environmental Essay Competition 2021



In April 2020, the world-famous British news economy weekly <The Economist> emphasized the threat of climate change through its editorial cartoon. It suggested that the COVID-19 is just a foretaste of a bigger threat that is waiting for humanity, the climate change. Earlier this year, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) also warned of the “Green Swan” in its report, which is a term that refers to climate change bringing financial crisis. Through reputable organizations, we were once again able to realize that climate change is a strong force that can disrupt and even destroy our economy.

In 2021, the ‘Paris Climate Change Convention’ which is a new climate change regime will be launched. In the case of the Paris Climate Change Convention, it is appraised as the very first global climate agreement, in that all 195 member countries have agreed to participate in the reduction of greenhouse gases. The main goal of the Paris Climate Change Convention is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by preventing indiscriminate use of fossil fuel, so that the goal of global warming suppression can be maintained within 2℃ to 1.5℃ compared to the pre-Industrial Revolution level. South Korea has also set its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 37% compared to the emission forecast (BAU) by the year 2030. Accordingly, officials from various fields predict great changes to the industry trends of the whole world including Korea. Through this, it can be inferred that the economic and industrial structures we have experienced so far will significantly change, and therefore our youths will face considerably different structures in the future.

In light of this, the Korea Educational Association for Empowerment of Software has chosen “Climate Change and Economy” as the topic of “The 5th Global Youth Environmental Essay Competition 2021”. Through this competition, they are hoping to provide a special opportunity for teenagers, who will become the leading players in the future, to seriously consider and explore the effects of climate change on future economic and industrial structure, social ramifications, roles of all walks of life as well as coping measures.

Essay Topic: Climate Change and Economy

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  • 51 awardees will be selected.
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Open for middle and high school students from any country (Grades between 7th and 12th or equivalent on May 31, 2021)

Eligible Regions: Open for All.