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Western University Canada Scholarship for International Student



International President's Entrance Scholarships

As part of the National Scholarship Program, three scholarships worth $50,000 each are available to exceptional international students. Selection is based on outstanding academic performance, creative and innovative thought, and significant achievement in extracurricular activities. Students must complete a National Scholarship application which includes an essay and a nomination from their school. The application is available in mid-November. Visit our Office of the Registrar webpage for additional information.

Admission Scholarships

Western’s Admission Scholarships are automatically awarded upon admission to Western. No application is required to be considered for these scholarships.

In order to be eligible for an admission scholarship, a student must apply for admission directly from secondary school to Western's main campus for full-time first-year studies. See the Office of the Registrar Admission Scholarships website below for full details and specifications.

ScholarshipAverage Required
Western Admission Scholarship90.0% to 91.9%

Total of $2,500
($1,500 in first year, plus $1,000
for optional study abroad experience)

Western Scholarship
of Distinction
92.0% to 100.0%Total of $3,500
($2,500 in first year, plus $1,000
for optional study abroad experience)
Western Scholarship
of Excellence
Awarded based on the top high school admission averagesTotal of $8,000
($6,000 in first year, plus $2,000
for an optional study abroad experience.)

Beyond First Year: Scholarships for Upper Year Students 

After international students complete one year of study at Western, they become eligible for In-Course Scholarships and Awards, which are awarded based on previous performance in classes at Western and current registration.

Other Scholarships for International Students

A number of other bursaries and awards are designated specifically for international students. These awards range in value and include scholarships based on a demonstrated need, as well as awards connected to specific countries of origin. To explore these awards, please visit the Office of the Registrar Student Awards database and enter "International Students" in the search bar.

First-Year Tuition Fees and Living Expenses for International Students

The following chart displays estimates in Canadian currency for tuition and living expenses for one full-time international undergraduate student over the course of one academic year (eight months). Keep in mind that most off-campus accommodations will require a 12 month lease; the 8 month costs listed here are meant for comparison with the Residence package. Please note that these are estimates only; costs will vary depending on your needs and preferences. Other costs to consider include, but are not limited to, currency fluctuations, visa and study permit fees and trips home.

Tuition & Fees: Most Programs*$35,935 to $35,985$35,935 to $35,985
Tuition & Fees: DAN Management (BMOS)
Tuition & Fees: Engineering$48,778$48,778
Tuition & Fees: Nursing$45,482$45,482
Books & Supplies**$1,500 to $3,000*$1,500 to $3,000*
Residence & Meal Plan$13,690 to $16,350$0
Off-campus Rent$0$4,800 to $10,400
Food (without meal plan)$0$2,800 to $4,800
Internet$395$120 to $560
Phone$400 to $640$400 to $640
Personal Items
Local Transportation
(bus pass included in tuition & fees)


Clothing$800 to $2,000$800 to $2,000

Total Cost
(first academic year)

Currency Converter

$53,920 to $72,768

$48,555 to $72,378

* Based on 2020-2021 academic year approximate fees in Canadian currency. 2021-2022 fees are
determined in June 2021.

**The cost of books/supplies depends on your program.


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