FIFA Master Scholarship in Switzerland


Scholarships and financial support are important for many candidates. The FIFA Master programme offers a total of five scholarships each year. Firstly, there are two “full” African scholarships that cover the fees and living expenses (CHF 45’000.- per scholarship). These  scholarships are for students of an African nationality only and may be divided by the Scientific Committee in order to help more than one applicant.

For candidates who have completed one of the FIFA/CIES International University Network Programmes there are two “full” scholarships (CHF 45’000.-). In some cases, these scholarships are divided by the Scientific Committee in order to help one or more FIFA/CIES International University Network alumni.

Finally, for all other applicants, there are two scholarships which cover the course fees (CHF 25’000.- per scholarship). The Scientific Committee regularly divides these scholarships among several applicants in order to help as many candidates as possible. So, if you are applying for financial support, please be aware that receiving a complete fees scholarship is extremely unlikely.

Each year a number of postgraduates succeed in obtaining financial support either through sponsors or government-type loans usually in their home country or country of residence. We strongly recommend that you contact alumni from your home country or country of residence and see directly with them if they obtained funding and if so, how. We can provide details of alumni who come from your region during the application process.

Please note that, ALL scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Scientific Committee on the basis of academic standards (merit) and financial need. Consequently, they cannot be applied for as such. If, however, the only way for you to successfully attend the course is through a scholarship, then you must complete the scholarship application form in full, providing as much details as possible.

For applicants wishing to request the FIFA/CIES International University Network Programme scholarship, you should clearly indicate on the online application form that you are a graduate of one of the programmes.

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