Theirworld Global Youth Ambassadors Program


Who are the Global Youth Ambassadors?

The diverse cohort of 18-30 year-olds is comprised of world-renown youth campaigners and social entrepreneurs united in their passion for social justice and the right to education.

Global Youth Ambassadors commit to a two-year membership and to use their skills and talents to responsibly campaign for Sustainable Development Goal 4: inclusive and equitable quality education for all.

As part of the network, Global Youth Ambassadors are supported by Theirworld to: 

  • Campaign for the right to education. The Global Youth Ambassadors are central to our #UnlockBigChange campaign which aims to secure the political will, funding, inclusion and innovation necessary to unleash the potential of the next generation through education. Global Youth Ambassadors have access to the tools, resources and best evidence available to take transformative actions and engage with local and global leaders.
  • Connect with peers from around the world. Global Youth Ambassadors are part of an online platform which allows them to connect with one another and identify opportunities to support one another’s projects, personal and professional goals as they relate to supporting access to education for the next generation. They also have the opportunity to meet and interact with experts and campaigners from around the world.
  • Build their capacity as leaders. Global Youth Ambassadors are provided with exclusive content, online and distance learning opportunities, meet-ups and events. There are opportunities to attend global events and apply for residential training initiatives to deepen their knowledge of global education-related issues and gain new skills that can strengthen local, national and global education campaigning.
  • What have the Global Youth Ambassadors achieved?

    Here are some examples of what the Global Youth Ambassadors (GYAs) have achieved: 

    In 2019:

    • Shazia, Kainat and Yara headlined Theirworld’s International Women’s Day event speaking out about safe schools and calling on the international community to #WriteTheWrong.
    • Javita Nauth travelled to the World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings to meet with world leaders and encourage them to invest 10% of their aid budgets in early childhood education. 

    In 2018:

    • GYAs were selected to be part of the Global Business Coalition for Education’s Youth Skills and Innovation Initiative Youth Council.
    • The Global Youth Ambassadors delivered a petition to the UN Secretary-General calling for a bold new funding plan for education and took the petitions to world leaders at the UN General Assembly.
    • Our GYAs campaigned for U.S. Government to include early childhood education in the USAID education policy.

    In 2017:

    • GYAs delivered a call to action at the G20 Summit 2017 for a new International Financing Facility for Education.

    In 2016:

    • For Theirworld's #SafeSchools petition in 2016, Omang Agarwal from India collected 35,000 signatures.
    • A GYA from Lebanon spoke at the Supporting Syria and the Region conference in London, while others represented young people at the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul and at summits in New York during the United Nations General Assembly.

    In 2015:

    • GYAs were a driving force in the #UpForSchool campaign, which delivered 10 million signatures to the United Nations - demanding that world leaders keep their promise to get every child into school. The GYAs collected more than one million signatures.

    Global Youth Ambassadors in Action

    Every month, we take an in-depth look at one of our Global Youth Ambassadors and the work they do to improve children's lives. Take a look here.

    The Voice of Global Youth Ambassadors

    GYAs have written passionately about education in their countries. In 2017 alone, GYAs wrote over 70 blogs about a whole range of issues that affect access to education within their communities across all 3 of our causes.

    Check out their work on our Voices channel.

    Listen to our GYAs:

    Our GYAs have also been speaking about their views and experiences with Theirworld President Sarah Brown as part of her Better Angels podcast series. 

    Want to Become a Global Youth Ambassador?

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