Goethe Institut Mentorship Awards 2021

This mentorship is a year-long interdisciplinary programme that creates space for artists and cultural practitioners to explore critical artistic practices on the intersection of arts and environmentalism.

The mentorship brings together 12 emerging artists and cultural practitioners with 4 mentors, all working across a range of disciplines and environmental issues in a year-long programme aimed at accelerating engaged cultural practices and fostering leadership. These 12 individuals each develop a body of work, form a peer group, and throughout the year receive mentorship guidance, exchange ideas, collaborate, and jointly develop deeper into their practices. The 4 mentors, all experts on the intersection of arts and the environment, guide the participants throughout the programme.

Through this mentorship programme they aim to:

support critical and unconventional work by emerging artists working on a range of issues related to environmentalism, the climate crisis and climate justice;
stimulate leadership of individuals whose artistic work fosters awareness and empathy;
accelerate the artistic practices of artists and cultural practitioners who show a commitment to creating lasting change through environmental activism;
facilitate exchanges, meaningful connections and learning between engaged practitioners;
strengthen and amplify new perspectives on environmentalism, the climate crisis and climate justice.
With this initiative they invite artists and cultural practitioners both from and based in working countries to envision a better future for planet through artistic practices.

The programme consists of two Labs (week-long mentoring intensives, one in person and one online), bi-monthly online masterclass and peer-group sessions and an awards ceremony and visitors programme in Amsterdam and Berlin.
Each participant receives an award of €6.000 to work on the concept for a body of work that they outlined in their application, with an additional €4.000 being available for either collaboration with other participants, or if their concept solidifies in the process and needs extra budget to be realised.
The Prince Claus Fund and Goethe-Institut cover the costs related to the mentorship programme itself, including travel expenses, visa costs and stay. Individuals are responsible for their own travel insurance.
Further details on the covered expenses are communicated with successful applicants at a later date.
This mentorship programme is specifically meant for individuals with ±8-15 years of relevant professional experience, individuals who do not have this level of experience are not eligible to participate in the programme.
The Goethe-Institut and Prince Claus Fund hold a broad disciplinary understanding of arts and culture. With artists and cultural practitioners they mean people who have an individual artistic practice – be it as a visual artist, curator, writer, musician, performer, designer, architect, interdisciplinary artist, etc. Individuals who are arts managers, facilitators, academic researchers or other, without an individual artistic practice are not considered to fall under this category, and as such are not eligible to apply.
Previous grantees of the Prince Claus Fund are not eligible to apply unless their previous grant is finished and closed before the application submission deadline for this call.
Eligible Regions: Open for All.

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