Green Stories Writing Competition 2021

Submissions are now open for Green Stories Adult Novel Competition 2021! Apply now!

Green Stories Writing Competition’s mission is to create a cultural body of work that both entertains and informs about green solutions, inspires green behaviour and raises awareness of the necessary transformations towards a sustainable economy. These are a series of free writing competitions across various formats to solicit stories that showcase what a sustainable society might look like. Typically novels are 70,000 – 100, 000 words. Submit three chapters (minimum of 4000 words, maximum 10,000 words) as one document that must include the following:

The first chapter
Another chapter that best showcases how your novel meets the green stories criteria
A third chapter (suggest the final chapter if possible)
A one-page synopsis (name and contact details optional – Green Stories can identify via submission page)

You can submit more than three chapters if you need to, in order to make up to 4,000 words. Green Stories may then ask for the full novel from the best entries. They may only ask for an extract (see competition guidelines) but it’s a good idea to have the rest written as they will probably ask for the whole thing when making decisions about the finalists.

Criteria for Winning: There are two key priorities:

  1. Storytelling ability – the story should be engaging and
  2. Incorporate green solutions e.g. by
    • Showcasing what a green/sustainable society might look like and/or how they might get there
    • Smuggling green solutions into a story aimed at mainstream readers – this can be quite subtle
    • Using positive role models

Copyright: Copyright remains with the author for the purposes of the competition. But if your submission is a winner and forwarded to publishers/production companies, they will communicate with you directly about copyright terms, etc.




Green Stories Adult Novel Competition will have the following prizes-

  • Winning Prize: £1000
  • Runner up: £500
  • Half-price manuscript appraisal (worth £300-400) for top three entries by established literary consultancy Daniel Goldsmith.


Green Stories Adult Novel Competition is-

  • Open to all, as long as it has not been published elsewhere.
  • All submissions must be in English and conform to the green stories criteria of showing a positive vision of what a sustainable society might look like or in some way smuggling in green solutions/policies/characters in the context of an otherwise mainstream story
  • Most of the competitions include prizes for under 18s and a prize for higher education students (18-25). They will include MAs and PhDs and those still in school or college as students.