Harvard National Model United Nations

General Policies
The Secretary-General and the Director-General of the conference are the only staff members empowered to grant exceptions to any conference 
policies or other general HNMUN practices. HNMUN is not liable for any erroneous statements made by other staff members regarding 
exceptions to fees or policies.
All fees are owed to HNMUN by 11:59 PM ET on the dates outlined below. Schools will not be allowed to register at conference until they 
have paid any outstanding debts to HNMUN. If a school withdraws from the conference, the school is liable for all fees charged up to the date 
of withdrawal.
Please note that HNMUN does not currently accept checks (cheques) for payment, and cannot receive any other letters or forms sent to 
our office. The preferred payment method is via our online payment platform, QuickBooks. This platform can be accessed via digital invoices 
that will be sent to delegations via email. If there is a discrepancy between the conference policies and the information contained in the digital 
invoices, please note that the fees, deadlines, and policies listed below take precedence. All forms, such as position papers and conference policy 
agreement forms, must be submitted via our online registration platform, MUNBase, which is linked on the HNMUN website.
Registration Fee
A registration fee of US$90 (US$85 for the priority registration cycle) is due with the initial application for the conference. No school will be 
assigned a country or any delegate spots until the registration fee has been paid. The USG-Administration retains final authority over whether a 
school can be granted an exception that would temporarily postpone payment of the registration fee until after a country has been assigned. The 
registration fee is non-refundable.
Delegate Fees
On 1 December 2021, the delegate fees of US$95 per delegate are due (US$85 for the priority registration cycle, with fees due on 1 November 
2021). After 1 December 2021, delegations are expected to pay the late fee prices described later in these policies.
A school may choose to amend the number of delegates it will bring to the conference from the number stated in the application at no cost until 
15 November 2021, provided that it meets the minimum delegate requirements for the country it has been assigned. Between 16 November 2021 
and 1 December 2021, a school may reduce the number of delegates it will bring to the conference and will be eligible for a 50% refund on the 
fees for the dropped delegates. However, at no time will a school be granted a refund on delegate fees if it is unable to meet the minimum number 
of delegates required for the country/countries to which it has been assigned. The names of the delegates - given that the numbers are changed 
according to the above criteria - can be changed without penalty until 21 January 2022. After 21 January 2022, a US$5 fee will be charged to 
replace printed materials for each delegate at conference.
After 1 December 2021, no refunds on delegate fees will be given. However, one exception may apply: in recognition of the fact that visa 
rejection(s) may prevent some international delegates from attending conference, the USG-Finance retains final authority over whether a school 
can be granted a 50% refund on the delegate fees for delegates who are dropped after 1 December 2021. To quality for this partial refund, the 
school must have requested visa letters for those delegates from HNMUN prior to the deadline of 1 December 2021, informed HNMUN 
about the rejection within one calendar week, and submitted proof of rejection for each dropped delegate. To avoid a partial refund, schools and 
delegates are encouraged to apply for visas as early as possible. No refunds on delegate fees will be given for any other reason after 1 December 
2021, including any reasons related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Faculty Advisor Fees
A fee of US$65 will be charged per faculty advisor (US$60 for the priority registration cycle). Each delegation is required to have either a head 
delegate or a faculty advisor. This does not apply to single delegates in the NGO Programme, Press Corps, or Specialized Agencies. The refund 
and name change deadlines and policies for faculty advisors are the same as outlined for delegates in the section above.
Registration fees are non-refundable. Delegate fees and faculty advisor fees may be refundable according to the conditions described in the 
“Delegate Fees” and “Faculty Advisor Fees” sections above. HNMUN cannot make any exceptions to the policies described above. Please note 
that once a refund-related decision has been made by the Secretary-General or USG-Finance, it is final and cannot be appealed.
Summary of Conference Fees
Registration Fee US$85 (Priority) US$90 (Regular) US$95 (Late)
Delegate Fee US$85 (Priority) US$95 (Regular) US$105 (Late)
Faculty Advisor Fee US$60 (Priority) US$65 (Regular) US$70 (Late)
Conference Timeline and Deadlines
Priority Conference Registration Deadline 1 October 2021
Priority Financial Assistance Deadline 1 October 2021
Priority Special Applications Deadline 1 November 2021
(Press Corps, NGO Programme, and Continual Crisis Committees)
Regular Conference Registration Deadline 1 November 2021
Final Financial Assistance Deadline 1 November 2021
Final Delegate and Faculty Advisor Fees Due 1 December 2021
Large Drop Refunds Issued without Additional Fees 1 December 2021
No Refunds After 1 December 2021
Final Visa Letter Requests Deadline 1 December 2021
Delegate and Faculty Advisor Names Due 21 January 2022
Position Papers Due 26 January 2022
Harvard National Model United Nations 2022 10-13 February 2022
The goal of the Secretariat and staff of HNMUN 2022 is to work with you to achieve the most well-run, enjoyable, 
and productive conference possible. We thank you in advance for your cooperation, and please do not hesitate to 
email us at with any questions or concerns.

All delegates and Faculty Advisors are required to read the Conference Policies linked below and agree to them by applying for HNMUN. The Conference Policies contain vital information about HNMUN 2022, including refund policies.

If you have any questions, concerns, or requests, feel free to reach out at

Financial Aid

The Secretariat of HNMUN 2022 is committed to providing assistance to delegations that would otherwise be unable to attend our conference for financial reasons. Delegations that have exhausted all other financial resources are welcome to apply for financial assistance from the conference to cover part of the cost of attending HNMUN. Our Under-Secretary-General for Finance is also available to help schools develop fundraising plans to cover the costs of attending the conference.

Our main prerequisites for granting assistance are that delegates show both demonstrated need and demonstrated fundraising efforts. Our Financial Assistance application can be accessed by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. We also encourage you to take advantage of our Guide to Fundraising. Please keep in mind that HNMUN is currently planned to be held in-person this year, due to HNMUN’s virtual format this year, we will only be able to provide funds to cover registration costs, not food, accommodation, or any other related costs.

Priority Financial Aid applications are due on 1 October 2021 by 11:59pm Eastern Time. All international delegations must submit Financial Aid applications by this date. The second round of Financial Aid applications will be due on 1 November 2021 by 11:59pm Eastern Time, the same deadline as regular registration. The Secretariat of HNMUN 2022 will prioritize aid decisions to those who apply by the Priority deadline.

More information, as well as the Terms and Conditions for Financial Aid, is provided in the Application.

Decisions will be released as soon as possible, but due to the high volume of applications that HNMUN receives, the Secretariat anticipates sending decisions approximately three weeks after the application deadline. 

Any questions about financial assistance should be directed to Yanxi Fang, Under-Secretary-General for Finance, at