UNESCO APCEIU Special Lecture

Dear all, 

Warmest Greetings from APCEIU!! 


We are pleased to invite you for the upcoming GCED special lecture on “Climate Crisis and Its Ramification” Live webinar, which will take place from 11:00 12:30, 30 August (Monday, KST (GMT+9). All are very welcome to attend.

Lecture Title: “Climate Crisis and Its Ramification”  

(In this lecture, A critical analysis of the linkage between pandemic and climate crisis and an examination of the current socio-political system from the human rights perspective will be made which will enable us to expand our understanding of the concepts and application of human rights.)

Lecturer: Prof. Hyo-Je Cho (Division of Social Sciences, SungKongHoe University, Republic of Korea)

Date: August 30 2021 (Mon), 11:00-12:30  (KST, GMT+9) 

Registration is required to attend the webinar - Click HERE or use the link as follows.