Goethe Upcycling Competition

The theme for this year’s World Library and Information Congress is “Working together for the future”. Collaboration breeds innovation. Many great inventions have come from linking existing ideas.

Libraries create analog and digital spaces that bring creative people together to work on the challenges facing our societies and find solutions together. Two of these challenges are Sustainable Living and Generating Revenue for Startups in the Cultural and Creative Industries. Their Upcycling workshop aims to address these two themes.

Upcycling (“up” and Recycling / “Reuse”) is the process of transforming waste or (apparently) useless materials into products of new value. In contrast to downcycling, this form of recycling results in the recovery of materials. By recycling or reusing existing materials, the use of raw materials can be reduced. By reusing and converting used materials, unusual and everyday objects will be creatively redesigned and thus upgraded or brought into a different context.

The Goethe-Instituts in the Sub-Saharan Africa Region supports the creative exploration of the topic of upcycling and want to contribute to sustainability through various measures. They are therefore launching this Goethe-Upcycling Call for ideas.


A Jury consisting of representatives from the field of upcycling, cultural and creative industries, among others, will select the 8 best ideas, the realisation of which will be financially supported with 1.000 Euros.


  • The Goethe-Upcycling competition is open to all creative people, Librarians, Craftsmen, Artists, Designers and anyone who has a good idea that meets the competition criteria.
  • There are no restrictions on theme or content. The focus is on the theme of upcycling and the creative process.
  • The new objects or library or community projects to be designed can serve a practical and/or purely artistic purpose. Mostly recycled materials and only a few new materials should be used.
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