ILGA World Conference 2022

The ILGA World Conference is the largest global gathering of LGBTIQ changemakers. We have held them since the early days of the organisation in the 1970s, and they have been fundamental events for our movement ever since.

An ILGA World Conference is a chance to assess where our communities stand, share experiences and best practices, build alliances and partnerships, discuss the future of our movement, and collectively chart ways to advance equality worldwide.

As the premier gathering for our member organisations and allies, an ILGA World Conference is also where the life of the organisation is shaped. ILGA members elect their representatives, advance proposals and constitutional changes, and endorse new organisations to join our family. 

ILGA World is queer democracy in action, and it all starts from ILGA World Conferences. Join us!

Register for the 2022 ILGA World Conference

Join the largest global gathering of LGBTIQ changemakers!

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We look forward to meeting you in LA Long Beach, California, United States, from 2 to 6 May 2022, hosted by the It Gets Better Project.


If you are a person living with a disability and need further assistance in filling out the form, please contact us at We will be able to provide you with the form in a format that is accessible for you, or to provide direct assistance. 
For any other conference-related queries, please contact us at

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