UNESCO GCED online course : Danish/Nordic Approach to Transformative Pedagogy and Learning

Greetings from GCED Online Campus!

This is a gentle reminder of the live information session with the instructor of the GCED online course, "Danish/Nordic Approach to Transformative Pedagogy and Learning". (Click HERE to check the course!) The info session will be held twice considering the different time zones of participants, so please refer to the details below and freely participate in the info session! 

(Please check which of the following options fits your time zone and access the link below. Both options use the same Zoom link.)

[ Option 1 ]
- Date: Oct 1, 2021 (1 DAY LEFT !)
- Time: 2:00 pm KST (Convert into your time zone HERE)

[ Option 2 ]
- Date: Oct 4, 2021
- Time: 10:00 pm KST (Convert into your time zone HERE)

In this online course, the participants will be presented with pedagogical assignments / approaches to teaching, which they can try to implement in their own classes - on assignment approaches related to each of the modules.
※ Participants who successfully complete the course will have a chance to participate in a 2-week "Mentorship Programme by Expert Group"where you can get individual/small-group based coaching and feedback from each instructor.