Oxford University Webinar : Pronunciation for a Global World


This event will be held on 18 November 2021 

About this event 

Discover why international intelligibility is overtaking native speaker accent as the primary pronunciation goal for today’s learners. You’ll also get expert advice to prepare your learners for international communication in a global world.

Join Jane Setter for her pronunciation webinar and discover:

  • Why international intelligibility is overtaking native-speaker accent as the most relevant pronunciation goal for learners of English today.
  • Why you don’t need a native speaker accent to teach and assess pronunciation skills effectively.
  • Why working towards international intelligibility is a good starting point for all learners, regardless of their ultimate pronunciation goals.

About the speaker

Jane Setter is Professor of Phonetics at the University of Reading, UK. She is co-editor of the Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary (2011) and author of the popular science book Your Voice Speaks Volumes (2019). Her research interests include teaching and learning English pronunciation, speech prosody in children from atypical populations, and features of the phonology of post-colonial Englishes, such as Hong Kong and Malay-speaker English. A passionate advocate of working with students as partners in the higher education curriculum, she holds a prestigious National Teaching Fellowship award and is a Senior Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy (now Advance HE). Jane is a consultant on this paper.

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