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Session 1: Wellbeing & Digital literacy for Young English Learners – What? Why? and How?

Oliver Bayley

If I say the word ‘Wellbeing’ to you, what words or images come into your head? What does this mean to you, and what might your students think it means? What about ‘Digital Literacy?’ Do you think they are connected?
It is natural that ‘Wellbeing’ and ‘Digital Literacies’ are terms that young students don’t understand. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of wellbeing and emotions in the classroom, and the use of online learning has accelerated. Teachers should be knowledgeable about these topics and be ready to include them in their lessons where appropriate. The presenter will review both areas and show practical activities that can be added into young learner English lessons. Examples from Family and Friends 2nd edition - a four-skills primary coursebook- will be used to show these concepts in action. 

Session 2: A Whole New World: Building Global Skills in Your EFL Classroom

Kathleen Kampa & Charles Vilina

As teachers of English, we are preparing our students to use their language skills in an interconnected world. While teaching the essential skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing, we can also help our students understand and appreciate cultures and points of view from around the world. We can build their critical thinking, their creativity, their collaborative skills, and their emotional wellbeing. This wider approach improves communication naturally and motivates students to learn so much more. 

Join OUP authors Kathleen Kampa and Charles Vilina as they introduce exciting new ways to teach global skills through the introduction of Oxford’s new primary course, Beehive.

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Oliver Bayley has taught a wide variety of students including kindergarten, primary, secondary and adults. 

A graduate of the University of Birmingham (England), he has more than 20 years of experience in the publishing an education industry in Asia. He has created and delivered Professional Development workshops and seminars for thousands of teachers across the region. As well as presenting at national conferences in Japan (JALT), Korea (KOTESOL) Thailand (Thai TESOL), Cambodia (CAMTESOL), and Indonesia (TEFLIN), he also conducts workshops for smaller audiences. He has a keen interest in the effective use of fun, effective and collaborative activities and educational technology in the EFL classroom.

Kathleen Kampa & Charles Vilina
Co-author of Oxford Discover, Everybody Up, Magic Time and Beehive 
Kathleen Kampa and Charles Vilina are American ELT authors and teacher-trainers who have taught young learners in Japan for over 30 years. They are co-authors of Magic Time, Everybody Up, and Oxford Discover, courses for young learners published by Oxford University Press. Kathleen and Charles are active teachers who promote an inquiry-based approach to learning, where students develop English language fluency as they discover the world around them.

Kathleen and Charles have conducted numerous teacher training sessions around the world on global skills, CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), music and movement for young learners, classroom management, and brain-based learning. Kathleen and Charles are enthusiastic about creating a climate of success in their classrooms and training sessions.