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500 Scholarship Awards Fully Funded Doctoral & Master’s Degree in USA, Canada & Europe

“Full funding” is an award that covers your full tuition expenses and provides a monthly stipend
for living expenses for the duration of your graduate studies. Full funding can be offered by
the university you are accepted to, or through a nationally competitive award sponsored by a
foundation, research group, agency or corporation. Sometimes “full funding” is offered to top
applicants with no strings attached. In most cases, “full funding” from the university will come in the
form of a Graduate Teaching or Research Assistantship (also called Studentship or Instructorship).
Assistantships are part-time employment positions with the university that are exclusively filled by
graduate students. The responsibilities of an Assistantship are complementary to your research and
studies and provide you invaluable experience for your resume.

Full funding from the university is typically offered to both domestic and international students.
There are more than 500 fully funded graduate programs and full funding awards listed here, but
please note, this list is not exhaustive.

Let me repeat: THIS LIST IS NOT EXHAUSTIVE!There are many more fully funded programs like these out there. Through your own research,
you can find more fully funded graduate programs like these that will provide you the academic
foundation you need to achieve your career goals.

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