Free Russian Course for Beginners

Free Russian Course for Beginners

This specialization is aimed at learners who are interested in exploring the Russian language, and provides everything you need to start this journey. This specialization contains four courses, and begins with an introduction to the basics of the Russian alphabet and phonetics, which will be vital for you as you progress in your studies. All four courses provide extensive theoretical and practical materials, and supply listening, reading, and vocabulary exercises to enhance the learning process. Grammar materials will cover parts of speech, case system, verb conjugation, and sentence structure.
Upon completion of the specialization, learners will be well-versed in the basic theories and rules of Russian phonetics and grammar; will acquire basic conversation vocabulary; be able to read simple texts; and hold conversation on everyday topics such as family, travel, hobbies, personal activities, and holidays.
Our team is going to further improve and enrich the course materials to provide learners with up-to-date information, and to help them progress and achieve the best results.

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