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Master Degree Scholarship at Yonsei University South Korea

Global MBA


Yonsei School of Business Global MBA is a full-time MBA degree program that exposes students to a global experience by working in diverse groups on business cases, team projects, and presentations. The program was ranked number one in Korea by The Economist for four consecutive years since 2011 and also features a supportive career development center.

Majors Offered

The 18-month curriculum is divided into three semesters of coursework modules, electives and/or internships.


Scholarship opportunities are open to all students, based on the candidate’s merits and needs, and include Merit-based, Need-based, and Global Fellowships for applicants that can add value to the diversity of the program.

Studying for an MBA requires a significant investment. The Yonsei Global MBA Program offers scholarship opportunities that are available to all students, including international students. A Scholarship is granted considering the candidate’s merits and needs.

Scholarships opportunities

Applicants with superior qualifications will have the opportunity to receive a scholarship offered by the Yonsei School of Business.
The amount of a scholarship award depends on the competitiveness of the applicant. Award amount ranges from 25 percent to 100 percent of tuition fees. For qualified grantees, a stipend could also be offered.
All scholarships and fellowships are awarded at the time an admission decision is made. The admission committee takes into consideration of various factors when making the award decision including but not limited to academic records, professional experiences, interview result, diversity, and others.

Merit Scholarships
Awarded to applicants with strong competitiveness including the exceptional academic performance, leadership potential, professional achievement, etc.
Global Fellowships
Awarded to applicants with potential of adding value to the diversity of the program
YSB Fellowships
Awarded to qualified applicants in financial need (Financial proof might be required.)

Scholarships Requirements and Regulations

Scholarships are renewed each semester, based on a student’s meeting specified criteria. Scholarship grantees need to maintain a good academic standing (GPA of 3.5/4.3) while studying in the Yonsei MBA Program to receive a scholarship and a stipend continuously. Scholarship grantees are required to work for 10 hours per week as an assistant for our MBA Program. Stipend grantees need to work an additional 5 hours per week in addition to the 10 hours of work duty.

For more information, you can go to the Global MBA website.  

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