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Scholarship for International Student at New York University

Scholarships and grants are types of gift aid that do not have to be repaid. They may take the form of University scholarships, federal or state grants, or outside scholarships. A financial aid package at NYU takes into account both financial need and academic merit. NYU awards very few exclusively merit-based scholarships, as we are committed to using the vast majority of our scholarship funds to assist students whose families are unable to pay the full cost of an NYU education. If you would like to be considered for scholarships, please be sure to complete the required applications by our deadline as we are unlikely to award scholarships to students who do not file on time.

New York University Scholarships

Federal Grant Programs

State Scholarship and Grant Programs

New York State offers a wide variety of grants and scholarships to residents, subject to the annual availability of funds. Although application is made directly to the state and grants are awarded by the state, the amount each student is expected to receive is estimated and taken into account by NYU when assembling the student's financial aid package.

        Some students from outside New York State may qualify for funds from their own state scholarship programs that can be used at New York University.  Contact your state financial aid agency (call 1-800-433-3243 to obtain contact information) to ask about program requirements and application procedures.  When you receive an eligibility notice from your state program, you should submit it immediately to the NYU Office of Financial Aid.

        Scholarships and Grants from Other Organizations

        In addition to the sources of gift aid described above, you may also be eligible for a private scholarship or grant from an outside organization or agency. Some sources to explore are employers, unions, professional organizations, and community and special interest groups.

        Various scholarship search services are available free online, and a representative sample is included on the drop menu below. The scholarships and information presented by such services are not verified or endorsed by NYU. You must notify the Office of Financial Aid if you receive funds from any outside organization*.

        * Outside scholarships are considered a financial aid resource and must be added to a student's financial aid award. The Office of Financial Aid first applies the outside scholarship to a student's unmet need that is not already covered by financial aid. In some cases, loans not based on financial need may be reduced (private loans, Federal Unsubsidized Loans, Federal PLUS Loans, Graduate PLUS) in order to accommodate the addition of an outside scholarship. If the student's need is already met by need-based aid, then that aid is replaced with the outside scholarship. Need-based loans are first replaced. If the outside scholarship exceeds the loan amounts, work-study and need-based grants are the next to be replaced. In most cases it is not necessary to reduce an NYU scholarship. Total aid (including outside assistance) cannot exceed the cost of attendance.


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