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Top 10 Scholarships in Europe for Bachelor, Master Degree and PhD For International Student


Hello everyone!

In this article I want to share some information about scholarship that you can apply in Europe! As we know that Europe is one of favorite continent for international Student to pursue their higher education. There are a lot of best university in there. Besides, you can also learn many things as well not only academicly but also another things such as understanding culture, history and social life ther. Okay, anyway here are some scholarship you can apply in Europe : 

1. Bonn University Germany 

The University of Bonn has been collaboreted with many universities and research institution in many countries such as in Asia, Afrika, and South America. This collaboration has purpose to success SDGs program from United Nations. The university of Bonn offer fantastic scholarship, most of the Student who get financial support will get around USD 4000 per person and they can bring their partner and kids as well. If you are interested to apply this scholarship you can Click This Link

2. Sorbonne  University French 

If you are interested to pursue your degree in French so Sorbonne University is one of the best choice for your study. French government has been provided international scholarship for student from around the world through Eiffel Scholarship. If you go selected in this scholarship you will receive around 1200 Euro per month. If you are interested to apply this scholarship please click here

3. University of Padua Italy

University of Padua has limited scholarship both partial and full scholarship, they offer around 48 scholarship for 48 student of bachelor and master degree. This scholarship will address to very talented student both academic and non-academic achievement. But don't worry you can apply external scholarship as well to study in this university. Please click here

4. Cologne University Germany

Cologne University in Germany also offers scholarship for domestic or International student, they offer full and partial scholarship. This scholarship address to bachelor, master and PhD student, besides you can also apply DAAD scholarship if you didn't get selected in internal scholarship. DAAD scholarship will cover your all expenses, if you are interested to apply this opportunity please click here

5, Tubingen University Germany

Tubingen University offer partial scholarship you might be interested to apply, they will give around 300 Euro per month for one year and you can reapply this scholarship when your scholarship ended. I know this amount is not enough to study in Germany but you can apply another external scholarship or DAAD scholarship which will cover your all expenses. For further information please click here

6. Munster University Germany

Almost the same with Tubingen University, this Munster University also offer scholarship but unfortunately they only offer partial scholarship which around 350 euro per month, besides Munster University has been also collaborated with any foundation to provide scholarship for specific student such as student with disability and student who has excellent academic record. For detail information please click here

7. IMRD Scholarship

IMRD or International Masters of Science in Rural Development, this scholarship specifically targeted student who takes Master in related field. This scholarship will help student to study in Slovakia, Belgium, French, Germany, and Spain. They will cover all your expenses and will give you montly around 650 Euro. If you are interested to apply this scholarship please click here

8. University of Hamburg Germany

University of Hamburg offer full and partial scholarship for international student who take Master and PhD, this university will cover all study expenses and student will receive monthly allowance around 850 Euro for master student and 1000 Euro for PhD student. If you are interested to apply this scholarship please click here

9. The Einstein Fellowship

If you are PhD student who are studying in Germany (including International student) you can apply this fellowship to support your study. Student who get selected in this fellowship will receive around 1000 Euro monthly. If you are interested please click here

10. Helmut Schmidt Program

This scholarship address to student who is taking master in Public Policy and Government in Germany. If you are studying related to this field you can apply this scholarship to support your study, this scholarship is full scholarship. They will cover everything such as travel allowance, accommodation, monthly allowance around 850 Euro and insurance. If you are interested to apply please click here

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