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Cologne University Germany Scholarship for Bachelor, Master Degree, and PhD for International Student 2023


Finances play a central role when you plan a course of study at the University of Cologne. There are many different establishments and organisations to which you can apply as a foreign or graduate student for individual grants or scholarships. Scholarship databases such as the DAAD scholarship database offer you a comprehensive overview of different scholarship programmes, taking into account your country of origin and your subject area.

The standards are very different, but in the majority of cases the deciding factor is academic potential and not financial need. 

Please note:

•    study beginners have relatively little chance to be awarded a scholarship. Scholarships are awarded mainly to advanced students, most of all to students of Master and PhD programs.
•    the funding of the complete studies is only possible in exceptional cases.

If you already look for scholarship opportunities in your home country, please consult:

•    a DAAD office abroad (Außenstelle des DAAD)
•    the German Embassy or Consulate.

Scholarship program of the University of Cologne

The University of Cologne offers a scholarship program for German and international students. The program consists of three grants:

•        Deutschlandstipendium des Bundes 
•        Sozialstipendium der Universität zu Köln (social scholarship)
•        Stipendium für Studierende mit Behinderung oder chronischer Erkrankung (scholarship for students with disability and chronic disease)

All grants are of 300 €/month and are awarded depending the academic performance. For the "Sozialstipendium" and the "Stipendium für Studierende mit Behinderung oder chronischer Erkrankung" social criteria are decisive as well.

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