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Scholarship for Undergraduate and Master Degree at Istanbul University

İstanbul Şehir University, which awards successful students and gives them all kinds of support in their scientific pursuits, offers various scholarship opportunities that can be addressed to every student, not limited to the success of ÖSYM.


​Monthly cash scholarships and other scholarships are granted at İstanbul Şehir University as long as students continue to study within the specified maximum periods. Students who do not continue their studies during the course of study, including the English Preparatory Program, will lose their scholarships for the relevant semester.

100%, 75%, 50% and 25% discounts offered under "University Exam Accomplishment Scholarships and Discounts" continue;
  • ​​​For the students who are registered in English undergraduate programs: for 1+1 years in English Preparatory Program and 4+1 years in undergraduate study; 
  • For the students who are registered in Turkish undergraduate programs: for 4+1 years in undergraduate study;
  • For the students who are registered in associate degree programs for 2 years
without any condition regarding grade-point average or passing course
The students registered in Turkish undergraduate programs, if they wish, they can use 1 year of total scholarship period in optional English Preparatory Program.​

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