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Waseda University Scholarship for Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Applicable to International Undergraduate students/Master Course students

This scholarship is designated for privately financed students with excellent academic records that have difficulty receiving education for economic reasons. Students are awarded a reduction of their yearly.

Application period: September to October, yearly.

Approximatively 250 scholarships are awarded per year.

Application procedures

Each scholarship’s announcement and selection will be conducted through the school/graduate school office in one of the following ways.
A. Scholarship announcements are posted on the school/graduate school bulletin board. Please follow eligibility and application procedures as indicated.
B. The school/graduate school office will have the applicants register for the scholarship for international students. The office will select the students who are worthy of the scholarship from the registered applicants.
C. After selection of suitable candidates for an organization’s application requirements, the school/graduate school will notify students directly

More information for applications on Official Website.

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