Tubingen University Germany Scholarship 2022-2023 for International Students

Tubingen University Germany Scholarship 2022-2023 for International Students


A scholarship is a very favourable way to finance your studies, since you do not have to repay it, and it also provides an excellent reference for your CV. Financial support may be offered periodically (e.g. monthly, quarterly, annually), for a limited period of time or only once (e.g. for study material). However, a scholarship is not always easy to be gained. Certain personal requirements have to be fulfilled, such as social commitment, a particular field of study, a specific religious affiliation or nationality and outstanding achievements in your prior studies. It is also important that your study project is somehow related to the foundation's purpose. In addition, social factors may be considered. Getting a scholarship involves a lot of initiative, detailed research on the foundation, a comprehensive application and a time-consuming selection process. Applications for student support should be made at as early a stage as possible.

The ZITH offers its students individual scholarship advice which informs about the different opportunities for financial support of your studies or research project. Thanks to the numerous offers of various foundations the prospect for a grant is realistic, however, time consuming and a bit of work. The ZITH can assist you in assessing the chances of gaining a scholarship. In order to ensure customized and detailed advice, consultation takes place by appointment only. You can register personally, by phone or e-mail. Our consultant is Ali Zaherinezhad.

Information on the Deutschlandstipendium at the University of Tübingen

The University of Tübingen will once again be awarding Deutschlandstipendium scholarships for the coming semesters. This supplementary income of 300 euro per month goes to support especially gifted and high-performance students. You can find details on the purpose of the scholarships and on how to apply in the official call for applications and the University of Tübingen DStip articles

Who may apply?

Students in their first semester (Start WS 2021/22) with an outstanding average in their final year of school and university entrance qualification (not poorer than 1.4 in the German Abitur);

Students in their second semester (Start SoSe 2021 or earlier) who have obtained outstanding results during their studies (average grade of studies to date 1.4 or better, in Law: at least 9 points). You must document your performance with a current transcript of records (from the examinations office of your major subject).

Students doing higher degrees: You must show an average grade of 1.4 or better in your first degree; if you have results from your current degree program, you must also provide a current transcript of records from the relevant examinations office)

Special case 1: Students of the medicine program submit the following proofs:

Preclinical student:

in the first semester a university entrance qualification (Abitur)

in an advanced semester a grade overview of the preclinical study section (without grades) and Abitur

Applicants in the 1st clinical semester: Physicum (with average grade, must be 1.4 or better)

Clinician: a grade sheet clinical section (with average grade, must be 1.4 or better)

Special case 2: Students of the dentistry program submit the following proofs:

from the 2nd semester on: pre-Physicum (must have the grade 1.0)

from the 5th semester on: Physicum (must have the grade 1.0)

Important note for applicants with foreign certificates:

Applicants with a foreign high school diploma (university entrance qualification) or a foreign bachelor's degree must submit their certificate for conversion to the German grading system to the following email address: study@uni-tuebingen.de. An application is only possible with a German average grade!Certificates with a foreign average grade will not be considered for the application for the Deutschlandstipendium

The overall assessment of an applicant’s potential may include special successes, awards and prizes in supraregional, academically-oriented competitions; particular personal or family circumstances such as illness or disability, duty of care for one’s own child/ren - particularly as a single parent - or responsibility for close relatives in need of care; working in the family business, working parallel to studies; particular family or migrant origins.

The scholarship comprises 300 euro per month. The scholarships are approved for one year. You may make a new application during the application period. The Deutschlandstipendium is awarded independent of income and may be combined with BAFöG assistance. The scholarships are strictly linked to the prescribed minimum period of study and may be extended beyond that period only in justified cases. You can only apply for a Deutschland scholarship in your major subject.

The application is made in our Online Portal. Please enter your application for the Deutschlandstipendium 2022 

Please also note the regulations valid for the University of Tübingen in the application agreement, which you can find in the online portal and will have to confirm.

Once you have submitted the completed application, you will receive an automatic confirmation by e-mail for electronic receipt.

The application deadline for the upcoming procedure (SoSe 2022 and WiSe 2022/23) is 01.11. to 30.11.2021.

Applications that are not submitted on time and in the correct form cannot be considered in the selection process.

After the application deadline, applications will be forwarded to the respective faculties for pre-selection.

The university's internal scholarship selection committee will then make a binding decision on admission to the Deutschlandstipendium in February 2022.

The admission and rejection notices will probably be sent to the students at the beginning of March 2022. The start of payment is 01.04.2022.

Further information on the Deutschlandstipendium is available at: www.deutschlandstipendium.de and from Student Administration

Resource and Apply : Click Here

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