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Scholarship for International Student at The George Wasthington University USA

Institutional scholarships may be offered as part of a student's admission to the university or the financial assistance award package. Although most of the awards are awarded by another office we are responsible for ensuring continued eligibility for the awards and for annual renewal of funds that qualify for renewal.

Awards and scholarships from Undergraduate Admissions are only offered to incoming undergraduate students. Continuing students cannot apply for them outside of the initial admissions process.

Although you may meet the qualifications for several awards, only one may be accepted. Students cannot combine GW Employee Benefits or Tuition Exchange with any Merit Awards.  In cases where a student is offered multiple awards which cannot be combined, the student will receive the largest award. Students pursuing a second Bachelors degree, students in the College of Professional Studies, students in Distance Education and students in Certificate programs do not qualify for any of these scholarships.

Scholarships for graduate students are limited and funding is up to the discretion of each program or department. The Office of Student Financial Assistance does not have scholarship funding available to the graduate population. Please visit the Office of Graduate Student Assistantships and Fellowships website for instructions on how to apply for merit-based funding.

Scholarship funding will impact the amount of loan money that may be borrowed. Any awards should be reported to our office on the Verification of Outside Awards Form.

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