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Guardian Trust Master’s Scholarship in Commerce, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

The Guardian Trust Master’s scholarship supports students for study towards a master’s degree in Commerce at the University of Canterbury.

The online application system will accept applications from August 20, 2020 until October 15, 2020.
Apply online here.One scholarship, providing financial assistance to a value of $16,500, is available annually.


$16,500 for one year.


  • The scholarship is tenable for up to 120 points of enrollment, by a student enrolled full-time or
    part-time in a program for a master’s degree in the Faculty of Commerce.
  • Applicants must have met the academic requirements for enrollment in their intended program
    of study by 10 December in the year of application for the scholarship.
  • Every student not already enrolled in a program in the Faculty of Commerce for a master’s
    degree should be enrolled in that program by 31 March in the year following the year of application. An applicant who is unable to enroll by the applicable deadline must request the permission from the Dean of Commerce to take up the scholarship at a later date. Without this permission the award will be terminated.
  • The scholarship must be taken up in the year following the year of application.
  • Recipients may apply for a second tenure of the scholarship. However, such an application will be accepted only in a year in which the applicant has held the scholarship, and any second tenure must begin in the following year.

More information on official website.

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