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Summer School Program in Bening China 2021

When the program Will be held?
August 2021

About the program

In 2019, the LSE-PKU Summer School was attended by 472 participants from 42 countries across the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the Americas, a quarter of whom were graduate professionals from different industries, governments and NGOs. Our programme is open to university students and professionals from all levels and locations, creating an unrivalled opportunity for global networking.

What is requirement?
We understand that making applications can be confusing, so we have put together some helpful information to guide you through the process. Please read the information in this section carefully and follow the instructions given; this will help to ensure that everything proceeds quickly and smoothly.

There is no minimum grade requirement for applications to the programme, but applicants should be prepared to actively participate in a rigorous, intensive academic programme run by two leading research and teaching universities. It is expected that all participants will engage with the extensive reading list as required by their course and contribute in class discussions. Due to the intensive nature of the programme, students follow a single course for the whole duration of the LSE-PKU Summer School. 

Generally speaking, a 100 level course is equivalent to the first year of an undergraduate degree, a 200 level course is equivalent to the second year of an undergraduate degree, and a 300 level course is equivalant to the final year of an undergraduate degree; however, we also welcome students and professionals on all levels of courses. Students who complete their High School studies in 2021 and hold a confirmed offer to begin university in 2021 (or in 2022 after a gap year) may also apply.

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