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Summer School Program Utrecht University

Broaden your horizon with a summer course in an inspiring international environment. The Utrecht Summer School offers a broad selection of over 200 summer courses in various disciplines. The Summer School is a cooperation of the Utrecht UniversityHU University of Applied Sciences and HKU University of the Arts. These institutions of higher education offer high quality, fully accredited summer courses in English on bachelor, master, PhD and Post-Academic level.

This summer there will be no face-to-face education, however, a large number of courses have switched to an online format!


Utrecht is the Netherlands' fourth largest and most central city. Utrecht is incomparable to any other place. Where else can you walk straight from the train to the shops, where else can you have a beer or a delicious meal right beside the canal, what other city has such a striking and easily recognisable landmark as the Dom Tower, which is more than 600 years old? A city with a friendly shopping heart, friendly street cafés, as well as a bubbling night life; with busy pubs and cafés, simple eateries, but also stylish restaurants and contemporary congress and meeting centres.

Utrecht has a bright past. It all began with a Roman castle established in 47 AD as part of reinforcements along the Rhine. The city's name possibly came from a contraction of the words Uut (downstream) and Trecht (ford). At the end of the 7th century the English missionary Willibrord settled in Utrecht. Utrecht subsequently acquired great ecclesiastical power and developed into a trade centre. The canals and wharves date from this golden period.

Utrecht’s canals and wharves form a true world attraction. No other city on the planet has as many pedestrian quayside paths. They were put there centuries ago to provide access to the cellars under buildings beside the canals. Currently restaurants and boutiques occupy many of these cellars. The wharves themselves are always busy and along the water one can find many good places to eat.

The Dom Tower is deservedly the pride, centre and roof of the city of Utrecht. The tower is more than 600 years old, is the highest in the Netherlands, and has a rich history. It rises 112 metres above the Cathedral, far above the city. Climb the 465 steps with a guide and you will be rewarded with a fantastic view over Utrecht's characteristic canals, wharves and medieval churches. One»s eye is also drawn to the Netherlands' largest covered shopping centre Hoog Catharijne, and the Central Train station where a jumble of tracks meet.

Cultural centre of the Netherlands

With regard to museums, this city has more than its fair share to offer. Utrecht is especially proud of its unique Museum Quarter. In the Museum Quarter there are 7 large museums, each one's collections closely linked with the city's past and present. In the modern music centre Vredenburg a variety of concerts take place.

Utrecht hosts a large number of cultural events every year. An example is the internationally known Holland Festival of Old Music, the Wharf Area Theatre Festival (with acts both on and off the wharves), the Festival of Modern Dance, the Springdance movement and Dutch Film Festival. Utrecht is becoming increasingly famous for these excellent festivals, including its ‘Cultural Sundays’. Once a month a Cultural Sunday takes place that invites all citizens of Utrecht to enjoy a unique cultural theme Sunday down town, for free!

Utrecht is full of beautiful architecture, old as well as modern. The world-famous architect Rietveld was born in Utrecht. The university centre ‘De Uithof’ has some of the best modern architecture in The Netherlands.

How to apply

1. Create a user account

Your online application starts with creating a personal account on the page: After you have filled out the form you will receive an email which includes an activation link for your personal account.

2. Apply for a course

With your personal account you can log in to our website and apply for one or more courses through

To apply, you need to take the following steps: 

  • Please check if you are applying for the correct course;
  • You will have to fill in your passport number and upload a copy of the front page*.
  • You will have to choose if you want housing (yes/no);
  • If required: upload documents (e.g. motivation letter, CV, transcript of records). If this is required it will be clearly stated on the course page; 
  • Fill in the Partner Code (if applicable)

* Why do we need your passport? The reason for this is that you, as a student, gain access to the University's systems. It its obligatory to validate your personal details to obtain access to these systems. After validation, all copies are destroyed within a year;

3. After you have applied for a course

After you have applied you will receive a confirmation of your application by email.

The course leader will review your application as soon as possible. This may take up to a few working days. The course leader will contact you by email if he/she would like to have more information about your background or level of studies. After the course leader has reviewed your application you will be notified of the result.

As soon as you have been accepted for the course, you will receive an email with payment information. It is important to pay the course fee as soon as possible. Placement will be based on the order of payment (first-come first-served). You can find information about the status of your application in your personal account.

Your placement in the course is only definite, after we have registered your payment in your account. As soon as the payment has reached us, you will receive a confirmation of payment and you are officially enrolled for the course.

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