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Global Changemaker Summit Switzerland Program Fully Funded

Global Changemakers is an international youth network with Changemakers in 180 countries and each year we draw from this network and select a group of Peer Facilitators through a competitive selection process. The Peer Facilitators use their knowledge and experience to co-create and join our team in delivering each summit. The Peers form an integral part of each summit, offering sessions, leading activities, providing mentorship and more.

Working in Issue Groups

The summit brings together young people working on issues as varied as climate change, human rights, equality, corruption, peace, mental health and so much more! At each Global Youth Summit, participants are grouped by the issues that they work on in order to learn from each others experiences as well as use their issue to practically understand useful concepts such as Design Thinking Methodology.

Skills Marketplace

No two Changemakers are alike. We appreciate that each Changemaker may require different skills to increase their impact from one of the others. Therefore each year we create a “Skills Marketplace” where we bring in experts on a range of topics from critical thinking to branding, public speaking, networking, fundraising, project management and so much more! Participants choose which skills they most need and breakaway to these skill sessions to ensure maximum gain from the summit.


All coming from different backgrounds and experiences, each Global Changemaker has a unique set of skills. We throw the idea of a traditional conference setting away for part of the summit where the participants decide what they want to learn, source these skills from within the group and then design and lead their own sessions in order to share their skills with each other.

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