Tel Aviv University Summer Internship Program 2021

Tel Aviv University Summer Internship Program 2021

Program Overview

Our Summer Internship program is for those of you looking to immerse yourselves within one of the world’s most innovative and dynamic cities. 

Experience a hands-on internship that will turbo-charge your career and prove a valuable investment for your future. You’ll boost your own potential in today’s extremely competitive environment by taking onboard and learning the cultural business practices required to succeed. 

You’ll learn exactly what’s needed in today’s global workplace through a challenging and renowned academic program at one of the world’s best universities. The program is tailored to your academic field and professional interests, while you study and discover the wonders of Israel. You can boost your potential further with our professional workshop specializing in career development, organizational behavior and cultural differences in the workplace. And where better to launch your career than Tel Aviv, renowned as one of the world’s Top 10 Startup Ecosystems*.

Our internships are customized specifically for what works best for you, and a supportive coordinator will be there for you throughout the internship to ensure both yours and the organization’s expectations are aligned and the experience is mutually beneficial. Even better, you’ll receive academic credit while interning.


Program Highlights

  • Benefit from Tel Aviv University’s renowned academic excellence while having a unique and engaging internship experience abroad.

  • Enjoy an experience like no other in Tel Aviv, the industrial and innovative hub of Israel. Whatever your passion - Business, Technology, Political Science, NGOs or something else – you’ll be aligned with the internship that works for you and your future career. 

  • Explore career opportunities in a variety of fields in a global context, while also networking and connecting with industry professionals.

  • Participate in a career development workshop that will give you academic credit, help develop practical skills in the workplace and turbo-charge your CV/resume.

  • Explore the wonders of Israel via some fascinating overnight excursions and cultural activities across the country.

Career Success Stories

Our Summer Internship graduates have gone on to take some fascinating positions in a variety of industries and professions, including:

  • Product Management

  • Public Relations

  • Marketing and Branding

  • Film and Media

  • Social Media

  • Education and Government

This journey of discovery at TAU is just the launching pad for your career… 


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