Pyongyang Language Summer Course North Korea

Pyongyang Language Summer Course North Korea

Below is just a sample of a language summer course in Pyongyang (taken from our 2019 itinerary). We do not expect the DPRK borders to be opened anytime soon. Please refer to this itinerary to have an idea of what our language course in Pyongyang consists of.

Our Korean Language Summer Course in Pyongyang will last up to 25 days. This is an extremely comprehensive, well rounded way to immerse yourself into Korean language and culture.

1. Introduction

We will combine intensive morning classes with afternoon and weekend trips throughout the country.

No prior knowledge of Korean is required for beginners' lessons.

Teachers are all experienced North Koreans language teachers.

Apart from studying you will have the chance to practice your language skills by interacting with local students and staff. You will also have the chance to work in the fields with Korean farmerscycle around Pyongyang, learn how to make local dishes, explore the stunning nature of the DPRK by going to the Mount Kumgang National Park, celebrate a major National Holiday in DPRK (Victory Day, 27 July).

2. Language Course

Korean language courses will be held at the Pyongyang College of Tourism.

Teachers will be native Koreans and the material used will be from the prestigious Kim Hyong Jik University.

Lessons will be available for beginnersintermediary level and advanced level students.

Courses will be intensive. There will be three morning lectures from Monday to Friday.

3. Cultural and Other Activities

The evenings and weekends will be spent exploring North Korea and engaging in a variety of exciting activities with locals such as farmingsports events with Korean students and Korean cooking lessons. Other highlights include cycling around Pyongyang, taking a boat cruise on the Taedong River and celebrating a national holiday. This a truly fabulous way to discover North Korea.

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