Stanford University School of Medicine Scholarship for International Students 2022

Stanford University School of Medicine Scholarship for International Students 2022


If you are interested to apply to continue your study at School of Medicine Stanford University and willing to apply scholarship, there are some program you can apply, here there go : 

1. Medical Scholars Research 

Since 1980, Stanford Medical Scholars Research (MedScholars) fellowships  has supported medical student research, including Scholarly Concentration projects. With MedScholars funding, students can carry out research in an academic setting under the direction of faculty members in the medical school, hospital and clinics, and throughout the university. The programs are designed to foster an appreciation for and proficiency in investigative and scholarly pursuits, including study design, hands-on collection of data, interpretation of results, and presentation of work accomplished in oral and written form. Research projects may be based in a variety of settings including the laboratory, field, clinic, or community.

The MedScholars Fellowship application process includes identifying a mentor, working with the Stanford faculty mentor to develop a research project idea, and completing the MedScholars application online. All applications will undergo rigorous review by committee. Funding is not guaranteed.


Who is eligible to apply for MedScholars?

  • MD students enrolled at Stanford are eligible.
  • MD students who obtained a PhD prior to matriculation may apply for MedScholars for research that has focus substantially different from that of their prior doctoral studies.
  • Students who are pursuing a Dual Degree (e.g. MD/MBA) are not eligible when they "step out" to pursue the dual degree. Stepping out means that you are no longer paying tuition under the School of Medicine for that period of time, and any Financial Aid support is handled through the other degree program. When you "step back in" to the MD program, you resume eligibility for MedScholars. 
  • You may not receive more than the equivalent of 5 full time quarters of funding while in the MD program.

 Types of MedScholars Proposals:

Discovery Grants
For research in summer after first year only
Normally 100% time

Research Fellowships
For substantial projects in step-out years or with split curriculum
Normally 3-4 100% contiguous research quarters
INDE 267 must be completed by students who split the curriculum. INDE 267 is strongly recommend for students pursuing a step-out year.

Innovation Grants
For research in other configurations that suit the project and student schedules

The earliest you can apply for MedScholars funding is spring of the first year (winter application deadline). MS1 spring quarter will be considered an Innovation Grant.

Other than during the summer, students may not normally receive more than one quarter of 25% support during their first and second years of the MD program when they are taking the full MD curriculum.  Applications for funding alongside the full first or second year curriculum will be considered Innovation Grants and will be highly competitive.

The minimum project size is equivalent to 100% time effort for one academic quarter, which can be structured in 25% increments of time over several quarters. 

Aplication process 

Application Process

The Stanford Medical Scholars Research Programs provide opportunities for students to carry out independent research in any area of the medical disciplines. The programs are designed to foster an appreciation and proficiency for the investigative/scholarly process, including study design, hands-on collection of data, interpretation of results, and presentation of work accomplished in oral and written form.

The Committee considers research experience a valuable part of medical education, and considers proposals from that viewpoint. Research projects may be based in a variety of settings including the laboratory, field, clinic, or community. Proposals that are not investigational, are primarily for observation or assistance to others, or describe altruistic public service projects, however worthwhile, are not eligible for this student research support.

MedScholar Online application

Please note: You must click Save at each step. Here is the User Guide with step-by-step instructions.

For detail information please visit : Click Here 

If you are also interested to take free online course from Stanford University, you can also take it now! Here we provide the links that you can apply! And… please remember you can have a chance to get e-certificate as well! 

  • Stanford University free online course about “Gender” apply this course : click here
  • Stanford University Scholarship for international students : click here
  • Stanford University free online course about “Einstein Theory” : click here

2. Knight Kennessey Scholars 

Nearly 3,000 graduate students enroll at Stanford annually. Next year, more than 80 (growing to 100 over time) will be Knight-Hennessy Scholars. Knight-Hennessy Scholars span all seven schools at the university and bring a wide array of diverse academic experiences prior to enrolling at Stanford. If you become a Knight-Hennessy Scholar, you will be surrounded by fellow Stanford graduate students solving complex problems from different disciplinary approaches.

Each incoming Knight-Hennessy Scholar must also be a newly enrolling student in a full-time Stanford graduate program. When you apply to Knight-Hennessy Scholars, you must either concurrently apply to and be accepted by a Stanford graduate program, or you must have deferred prior admission to a Stanford graduate degree program. Your graduate program will be your primary affiliation, and the Knight-Hennessy Scholars program will provide you with access to an additional community and opportunities tailored to scholars.

You submit two separate applications:

We can select you as a Knight-Hennessy Scholar only if a graduate program admits you to Stanford. The graduate program, however, may admit you to Stanford even if you are not selected as a Knight-Hennessy Scholar.


Our eligibility requirements help you determine if you may apply to be a Knight-Hennessy Scholar.The Knight-Hennessy Scholars program is a multidisciplinary and multicultural community. There are no restrictions based on age, college or university, field of study, or career aspiration. We encourage citizens and residents of all countries to apply.  We do not require applicants to seek endorsements from colleges, universities, or other institutions.

There are two baseline eligibility requirements. 

  1. First, in addition to applying to Knight-Hennessy Scholars, you must apply to, be accepted by, and enroll in a full-time Stanford graduate degree program. Each incoming Knight-Hennessy Scholar must be a newly enrolling student in a Stanford graduate program including, but not limited to, DMA, JD, MA, MBA, MD, MFA, MPP, MS, or PhD programs. There are no quotas by discipline or program. Note that we will give priority consideration to those who will spend at least two years studying at Stanford. 
  2. Second, you must have earned, in January 2015 or later, a U.S. bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a college or university of recognized standing.

Our criteria clarify what we seek in your application, help you assess your alignment with our values, and prepare you to demonstrate the criteria in your application.

There is neither a typical nor a prototypical Knight-Hennessy Scholar. Each cohort is diverse by design; no two candidates are equally strong across all criteria, and you may demonstrate different strengths in different ways. As we evaluate and select Knight-Hennessy Scholars, we look for evidence of three criteria:

1. Independence of Thought

We seek visionary thinkers who are curious, open-minded, analytical, eager for cross-cultural perspective, and genuinely excited to boldly and creatively address  our world’s important challenges.

  • Demonstrates mental sharpness and intellectual ability
  • Seeks out knowledge and new experiences
  • Full of original ideas
  • Makes sense of ambiguity
  • Can hold a contrarian or dissenting point of view

2. Purposeful Leadership

We seek courageous leaders who are ethical, decisive, resilient, driven to achieve meaningful results, and motivated to inspire others to effect positive change at scale.

  • Ambitious in service of a better world
  • Driven to improve self and others
  • Able to include and elevate others 
  • Self-aware and adaptable
  • Persistent and resilient

3. Civic Mindset

We seek collaborative community members  who are humble, empathetic, trustworthy, oriented to act in service of others, and deeply passionate about contributing to the greater good.

  • Personally humble and kind
  • Supportive and accountable
  • Embraces difference
  • Concerned for and helpful to others

We find evidence of these selection criteria throughout your application and, if you are selected as a finalist, at Immersion Weekend. We look forward to getting to know you, including what you have done, who you are now, and what you aspire to do in the future.

For detail information : Click Here

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