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Nagasaki University Bachelor and Master Degree Scholarship for International Student 2023


If you are interested to study at Nagasaki University Japan using scholarship, you can apply MEXT scholarship from Japan Government : 

The Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) scholarship program for foreign students, established in 1954, comprises 8 different categories. These include research students, (144,000・145000/month), teacher training students (143,000/month), undergraduate students (117,000/month), Japanese studies students (117,000/month), and others. Exchange students who get scholarships from these programs are called “Japanese Government Scholarship Students”. There are three ways to apply for the scholarships: embassy recommendation, university recommendation, or domestic selection.

International student on MEXT scholarship are guaranteed to be provided with sufficient financial resources, allowing students to focus on their academic studies without having to worry about financial problems. Therefore, it is neither recommended nor consistent with the spirit of the scholarship to obtain a conditional work permit with the intention of saving money through part-time work. Thus Nagasaki University does not allow MEXT scholars to have a part-time work in principle. However activities, which fall under any of the following, will be considered, and only when the director of Liaison Center for International Education allows, students can apply for a conditional work permit. (Use form 1 to seek permission from the dean to apply the conditional work permit.)

  • If asked to work as a cultural collaborating assistant in a public organization (a regional public organization or an incorporated foundation)  
  • If asked to work as a legal interpreter for a courthouse
  • If participating in an internship in Japan that is necessary for relevant study/research
  • Other reasons for which external working activities will contribute to study/research (If asked to work by faculty/staff in Nagasaki University, form 2 must be submitted)

There are three recommendations to apply this scholarship : 

Embassy Recommendation 
Every year, scholarship recipients are recruited by a Japanese embassy (or consulate general, depending on the country). Please inquire at the Japanese embassy or consulate general for more details.

University Recommendation 
Every year, Nagasaki University recruits graduate students from overseas and recommends the selected candidates to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Domestic Selection 
Privately financed foreign students (undergraduate and graduate) already enrolled in Nagasaki University are eligible for this scholarship. Every year, Nagasaki University recommends the selected candidates to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.Please contact the Liaison Center for International Education office for more details as undergraduate students are not eligible in some cases.

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