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Free Online Course Stanford University about The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism

The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism

Former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry and a team of international experts explore what can be done about the threat of nuclear terrorism in this free course, for which you can earn a signed Statement of Accomplishment. This is a self-paced version of the original course which ran in Fall 2017.
Welcome to "The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism"
"Today, the danger of some sort of nuclear catastrophe is greater than it was during the Cold War, and most people are blissfully unaware of this danger."
I wrote these words three years ago, and my concern led me to create my first Stanford Online course, "Living at the Nuclear Brink." Our nuclear peril continues to increase, and therefore I offer the next in our series of free courses on this vital subject: The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism. The topic is frightening, but it is one we must face if we are to have any chance of stopping potential catastrophe.


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