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The Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Foundation Scholarship at Kyushu University, Japan (Fully Funded)

¡¦The following information is for the self-supporting international students.
¡¦The application must be received at your Student Affairs Division. Please note that the deadline of application is different from each Student Affairs Division.
¡¦Before Kyushu University recommends the students to a foundation, we may have the screening within university first.
¡¦In case you have any questions, please be sure to inquire at your Student Affairs Division.
*Regarding the scholarship still open, you can check the application information by the click of the name of the scholarship.
Award: 120,000 Yen a month, Enrollment Fee, Tuition Fee
Duration: 2 YEARS at the maximum
Master 1st year (The students enrolling the master course in Octorber, 2020)
Application period: June – Early July
*The university nomination is firstly held. Regarding the deadline of application, be sure to confirm at your Student Affairs Division.
*The applicants need to conduct research related to either or both of (1)Mutual understanding between Japan and other countries, (2)Coexistance of mankind and nature.
*Only the Master couse whose expiration of term of study is 2 years is eligible.
*The successful scholars need to attend some events held by the foundation.
*JLPT N3 holders are desired.

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