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Internship Program at Greenpeace


Are you a student or recent graduate?  Are you looking for the experience of a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that works to save the world everyday? We offer a small number of internships in Greenpeace International’s office in Amsterdam.

Our goal is to provide our interns with:

  • A better understanding of the organisation’s goals and objectives
  • Insight into how an international organisation operates
  • Framework to enhance their educational experience through practical work assignments, thereby developing personal and professional skills which will be useful for their future employment
  • An open and inclusive, multicultural, multilingual and multi-ethnic work environment, contributing to the development of mutual understanding, trust and tolerance

Greenpeace International has teamed up with AIESEC, the world’s largest student organisation.  AIESEC’s goal is to “develop the leadership potential of youth through experiential learning, volunteer experiences and professional internships.”  If you are curious or would like to learn more, please follow the link to their webpage AIESEC


Frequently Asked Questions:


Why consider an internship with Greenpeace International?

Greenpeace International is an environmental organisation that leads global campaigns and provides strategic support to Greenpeace national and regional offices.  Our team is passionate about protecting the planet and tackling relevant issues including climate change, deforestation and ocean pollution.  


Where is the internship hosted?

Internships with Greenpeace International are based at the International office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  

Ottho Heldringstraat 5
1066AZ Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an amazing bicycle-friendly city with beautiful scenery; canals, parks, flowers and architecture, as well as numerous art museums and historical sites.  


What are the requirements for an internship?

An internship is only available for students or recent graduates who have completed their studies in the last twelve months.  The student must hold a valid residence and work permit.  

A project plan containing the time frame, purpose, expected/projected outcomes and on the job learning tasks will be developed.  Internships will vary by department.


How does the program work?

At least 50% of the duration of the internship should consist of project work, related directly or closely to the education of the intern.  In addition to this project work, (up to) the remaining 50% of the internship period may be taken up by on-the-job learning.  

The internship will have a minimum duration of 1 month and a maximum duration of 6 months.  Both parties have a 1 month notice period to terminate the internship agreement.  


What type of internships has Greenpeace International recently offered?

Greenpeace International has recently offered internships in several different departments including Information Technology, Political & Business Unit, Research, and Legal.  These internships contain project work and on the job training.  Participating in an internship at Greenpeace International makes you part of our team.  


Any financial or other assistance provided?

Interns residing within/up to a distance of 150 kms from the office are entitled to 400 euros net as monthly stipend. Interns residing beyond 150 kms from the office are entitled to 800 euros net as a monthly stipend. These interns receive a higher stipend to cover the accommodation cost in and around Amsterdam. In either case, interns are not entitled to any additional benefits, monetary or otherwise.


How do I apply?

All available internships will be advertised on the current vacancies section of our website. Further details of each internship and how to apply will be posted at the time.  

If you wish to be notified when an internship opportunity is available, please submit an Open Application with your CV and motivation for a Greenpeace International internship. We are not able to accept every request for an internship.

You may also wish to contact the other National/Regional Greenpeace Organisations regarding internships which they may have available at Greenpeace offices worldwide. If you have any questions, you can contact us at

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