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Qatar University Fully Funded Scholarship 2021

This scholarship is offered by the University to applicants from outside Qatar. These applicants may apply directly to the university.


Students will be sponsored by Qatar University and these scholarships include exemption from courses tuition fees, provision of university accommodation, and annual round trip air fare ticket and textbooks fees exemption.


  • Applicants must meet the admission requirements for the college and major that they applied to. In addition, submitting the final, official high school transcript for newly admitted applicants. 
  • The scholarship must be benefited from in the same semester of the year in which the scholarship was awarded (mainly, registering for and passing classes), otherwise, the scholarship will be canceled in that term and the student will be informed by QU email.

Required Documents

Continuity Conditions
Students must meet academic scholarships terms and conditions in order to maintain the scholarship.

Program Requirements

College Requirements

Source / More information: Official Website

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